Everything to Know About Valorant Champions Tour 2022

Everything to Know About Valorant Champions Tour 2022

Early in the year 2022, Riot Games will launch the Valorous Champions Tour (VCT) 2022, which will feature Galorants tournaments and Riot’s Game Changers. Riot Games has accelerated the stages to make the season more eventful, therefore the world finals will begin in earnest earlier than usual.

Despite a dismal showing at Champions earlier last month, North America’s Valorant calendar has now been finalized and many Esports betting fans are excited, to say the least. For the first time since last year’s last chance qualifying and Masters tournaments will be preceded by only two stages.

The format

If you’re a bettor from Bet188 trying to get a grip on what to expect in the next months or so, several modifications will be made to the VCT format for the year 2022, but the basic concept will not alter. The top teams from each region will compete in a Challengers stage before moving on to international LAN play at Masters events and a final Champions event at the conclusion of the year.

A two-stage Champions event currently scheduled for September will replace this year’s usual 3 stages of Masters and Challengers events just before finals in December. Third-party “offseason series and events” will take place in the last months of the year.

You can bet that every online betting fan is eager to learn more about the format so let’s get into it. For each Challengers stage, the main events will also be changing. Rather than three distinct double-elimination brackets for each Challengers main show, each Challengers round will have a single qualification leading to an eight-week main event instead. More details will be provided below.

In addition, for 2022, the VCT will include Game Changers as an add-on. The 2022 VCT format is about the same as last year, with an open qualifying and a double-elimination tournament in each of the three series. The first international Game Changers Championship will be held this year, however, as a culmination of Game Changers.

Participating teams so far

For each region’s Challengers main events, here is a list of teams that have been confirmed to participate.

Latin America – Stage One

Leviatán, Six Karma, Infinity, and KRU Esports,

Brazil – Stage One

FURIA, Team Vikings, Liberty, Keyd Stars, Sharks Esports, and Gamelanders Blue


The first open preliminaries for the first Challengers stage will begin on January 27th, 2022. There will be a round-robin tournament for five weeks beginning February 11th in the main event of the Challengers series. You can expect to see the very same schedule across many bookies including Bet188.

Finals will be held in weeks 6 and 7 to determine who would represent North America at Masters One 2022.

VCT 2022 – Stage One

Valorant Champions Tour NA Challengers 1

*Open Qualifier: January 27 to January 30, 2022 (Challengers North America)

*Main Event: February 11 to March 27, 2022 (Challengers North America)

*Masters One – Valorant Champions Tour (VCT)

The best teams from Stage 1 will play in a LAN setting at Valorous Masters One, a global event. Dates for the 2019 event have not yet been released.

VCT 2022 – Stage Two

Valorant Champions Tour NA Challengers 2

*Open Qualifier: May 5 to May 8, 2022 (Challengers North America)

*Closed Qualifier: May 13 to June 26, 2022 (Challengers North America)

*Masters Two – Valorant Champions Tour (VCT)

A date hasn’t been set, but we do know that the second Masters will take place in July of this year.

Last Chance Qualifier – North America (VCT)

The teams with the greatest points at the end of Stage One and Stage Two will be invited to compete in the invitation-only event. The date has been set for August 2022. Bet188 would have seen plenty of bets coming in at that point for sure.

Valorant Champions 2022

In September of 2022, the Valorant global championship will be held for the second time. After the world championship concludes, Riot Games plans to shorten the season in comparison to the 2021 season, which lasted the entire year.

New Tournament Circuit – Q4 2022

Between this year’s season and the next, there will be no off-season. It is expected that Riot Games and third-party tournament organizers will work together to stage tournaments

Valorant Game Changers 2022

Dates have been set for the Valorant Game Changers 2022 event. The very first Game Changers champion will be crowned at the event next year. For women’s VALORANT teams, Galorants will hold VCT Game Changers Academy events every month in addition to the premier event.

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