Everything You Need For Your First Rock Climbing Trip

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There are around 30 million rock climbers around the world, which shows it’s a popular sport, whether you’re climbing indoors or scaling a rock face.

Rock climbing is a fantastic way to sneak in exercise, meet like-minded people, and immerse yourself in nature. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try rock climbing or multi pitch climbing, but you have no idea what gear you need.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need for your first rock climbing trip.

Climbing Ropes

One of the most important pieces of climbing equipment is rope. As you browse options, you must consider the type, diameter, and safety ratings to prevent any accidents. To be safe, ask someone who has several years of climbing experience so you can find the perfect rappelling gear for your trip.


Another crucial item for your climbing trip is a harness. This keeps you attached to the rope so you stay upright as you ascend the rock face. Plus, it lets safely belay your partner, which is key in this sport.


Before you search for the best climbing shoes, find a helmet for your rock-climbing trip. Aside from preventing head injuries, rock faces often shower climbers with tiny stones, which can be painful if you don’t have the right equipment.

You’ll notice that anyone partaking in mountaineering, trad, and sport climbing all wear climbing helmets for this reason.

Climbing Shoes 

Next, you must buy climbing shoes because regular sneakers don’t cut them. These are distinctive by the thin material and rubber sole to help your feet properly grip onto the rock. Unlike buying trail running shoes, this variety is categorized by skill level, which you’ll notice by the shot’s downturn.

Note, beginner’s shoes are flat, but they begin to arch as you improve your rock climbing skills.


Once you’ve got your basic gear, you’ll need a steady supply of chalk. Climbers use this to increase their grip on the rock and prevent sweaty palms, which is a massive hazard. But you needn’t spend a fortune on fancy chalk, as a beginner, you need small, grained chalk that’s easy to find.

Chalk Bag

Shoving chalk in your pockets is a massive no-no, so treat yourself to a chalk bag. These are often made from canvas and have a large opening, which means you can easily dip your hand into it and retrieve chalk. You’ll notice these have a side-release buckle and a loop, which attaches to your harness.

A major bonus is you can choose a bag that best reflects your personality, thanks to the huge selection of designs available.

Get Your Rock Climbing Gear Today 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll use these rock climbing products.

Make sure you start by gathering climbing ropes, a harness, and a helmet. You will then need to find the perfect climbing shoes and a bag filled with chalk, so you stay safe on your climb. Good luck!

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