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Everything You Need from Army Painter on BitzStore

Everything You Need from Army Painter on BitzStore

Do you play Warhammer 40k and need to buy some new paints? Have you seen the Army Painter series on BitzStore and don’t know where to start? Or do you want some information about these products? If that’s the case, then this article is for you. This article helps you find everything you need from Army Painter on BitzStore.

An Overview of the Army Painter Series from Bitz Store

Army Painter has three main product lines: Warpaints, Quickshades, and accessories. It’s important to understand how they work together as a complete painting system or most useful if bought separately.

Warpaints: First up are the Warpaints. These come in 30 different colors and have very good coverage for their price. They cover well because each painting has an increased volume of pigment, which means that even when you thin it down to 85% or mix it with Dheneb Stone (which is only needed if your paints are still too thick after shaking),,, they still provide full coverage.

The downside is that they aren’t meant to be used by themselves but rather as an undercoat for other paints like washes or dry brushing. However, the advantage is that these can be applied straight from the pot, unlike different colors. The Warpaints have a very matte finish, but if you’re going to paint something shiny, these might not be suitable because a gloss coat is needed for proper reflection/shine. The Warpaints are amazing starting points that provide good coverage and save time using them as an undercoat instead of applying many coats of other colors.

Quick shades: Next up are the Quickshades from Army Painter, which comes in nine different colors. These can be used as a layer or two over your base color to create an additional shading effect by adding dark tones to certain parts of your miniature. You can also use it to shade recesses or blend between two almost equally light/dark shades (for example: blending a dark shade like black with a mid-dark grey to create the illusion of shadows).

I recommend using badab black or devlan mud for darker tones because these are made from very fine pigments and thicken less than other washes (which makes them easier to apply and make smooth transitions between two colors). The Quickshades can be mixed with water, but I recommend Badab Black because it reduces the volume of wash you have to use. For lighter colors, I’d advise against mixing too much water into them; keep a bit aside in case your mix becomes too pale. However, the biggest downside is that the Quickshades don’t provide full coverage, so you’ll have to apply several layers for best results (but they can be used to shade recesses).

Accessories: The third is the accessories. These include stuff like brushes, files, tools, and of course, all the fancy containers you can buy for your Warpaints, Quickshades, or both of these. The cool thing about the brush is that it has a flat tip with frayed bristles on one side, making it perfect for painting miniatures straight from the pot because you get good coverage while not using too much/little paint. I once heard someone refer to this technique as “painting with butter” because of how smooth & evenly it goes on.

However, I’d advise using an ordinary brush for fine details! The tool is great if you have problems applying a dry brush or a filter. It also works great for using snow on the base of your miniature because you can press down hard to transfer paint from the pot onto your model and have it applied evenly. The tools might be even better than using a brush if you’re doing that kind of painting, but I’m no expert in these matters.

The last two items are more accessories than actual paints; however, they still provide full coverage with one coat, making them very good for beginners! The files come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for small details like scratches or filing away parts of a mold line to make tiny holes/slots (for attaching other elements). If you’ve ever tried to use sandpaper to do this, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The last two are sprays available in different colors to either make your tabletop more realistic or accelerate the drying process of your paint. The Valhallan Blizzard is particularly good because it creates both effects simultaneously!

To conclude, there’s nothing better out there for new painters than getting started with these paints & accessories from Army Painter. They have everything you need on BitzStore, so please check them out if you’re beginning or if you want to improve your painting skills! They have everything you need on BitzStore, so please check them out if you’re starting or if you’re going to improve your painting skills. Thank you very much for reading.

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