Everything You Need to Know About Ship Models (Types & Tips)

Everything You Need to Know About Ship Models


Ship modeling is an art as old as the ship itself. Believe it or not that ancient sailors like Greeks and Phoenicians had ship models built for their amusement and entertainment. Early excavations showed that ship models were built with kits and people associated with these types of skills had large collections of ship models.

Believe it or not every time a ship model fan wants to have a specific model, they are serious about, they pass through the process of thinking about what should be kept in consideration and what should be overlooked for the specific situation.

If you want to buy a ship model than you just can go straight to sites that sell them but first it is recommended that you go through the tips section of this read and see for yourself that we have lined up and marked things that should be kept in consideration while buying modelling kits for ships and ship models altogether.

If you want to have your own kit to model a ship or looking for Model boats for sale you saw somewhere and got the pictures from the museum or want to replicate a stunning model you already have.

Either the case you must know then about the different types of kits and what are their features that might come in handy in your quest for the ultimate ship model.

Three types of kits to model a ship

There are three types of kits to model a ship from scratch and to start you must have the right motivation and inspiration but also the right kit for your model.

The three types of ship modelling kits that are right for you are:

  • Solid hull ship model kit

This the beginners modelling kit that might come in handy if you are just starting out on the journey of ship modelling for your own inspirations and out of your own intrigue. They can be had in plastic or wood and are right of the beginners for some simplistic ship building quests.

  • Plank on bulkhead ship model kit

Nest in line are these plank or bulkhead modelling kits that are there for the more detailed tasks and models. They are further in complexity than the solid hull ship modelling kit and come in ladder like framework to complete the hull of the ship under construction. They are great in modelling the complex shapes of the complex models and perfect for hull building out of plastic or wood.

  • Plank on frame ship model kits

The most popular and accurate ship models out there are the plank on frames. They are already set for viewership and they can be easily made into full models upon the design requirements already in your possession. These models make your quest as easy and intriguing as it can be. So have Fun making ship real time.

6 tips

  • History

History of the ship will matter for the most part for the owner as it can light a fire of ownership and legacy for the owner. (wrong use of expression though!!!)

  • The size

Size matters. Well for ships that does have far more importance than other aesthetics. So, look for the size of the model because you must make the space on the living room woodwork.

  • The Quality

Quality of the material will matter if you want to buy a model or make one because that will influence the craftsmanship in either case. Wooden models are best because they give off an aroma worthwhile for a ship.

  • Skill level

While making ship models yourself you must have to buy the right kit that suits your expertise and level of motivation. Do not lose hope just before completing the ship.

  • Budget

More of a constraint than a tip. Look before you buy the expensive model, and it turns out irrelevant to taste.

  • Support

The professional sellers of model ship kits offer support and advice on the type of ship kit one wants to buy. Some even offer a warranty on the ship kit model. If you are looking for a good service, make sure to purchase the kit from a company that provides support and help.

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