Everything You Should Know About Retro Gaming 

The modern gaming landscape seems to be thriving. And yet, so many people are looking for the games and hardware from yesteryears. Needless to say, people like everything that reminds them of the good old days where the grass was greener and the sun was shining brighter. No wonder, so many collectors spend tons of their hard earned dollars on antique and vintage items like clothes, cars, movies, vinyl records, you name it. And the retro scene in the gaming world has really been taken off within the last few years. But those of you who download SNES ROMs for Android or search abandonware websites on a regular basis know it very well. But, what brought this wave of retro gaming hype and interest about? Let’s find out right now. 


Few classic gamers know that the first video game that managed to achieve a level of true popularity was Pong released for Atari back in 1972. Much time has passed since then. That means that anyone who is currently in their 30s and 40s was born during the age where gaming really began to thrive. And those folks are the main culprits of the massive popularization of classic games in the era of sophisticated VR and AR gaming technologies. Why? Well, that’s because they were kids when gaming hit its stride. Back in the day, video games were seen mostly as being toys. Those folks that were in their childhood or teenage years during the era of Atari and then the Nintendo vs. Sega age are now adults. And to these adults, gaming is a legitimate childhood memory. There’s nostalgia attached to it. And that’s where the core of retro gaming’s insane level of popularity lies. 


The main problem most aficionados of old-school titles experience is the inability to put their hand on those vintage devices that once helped them enjoy the happiest gaming moments. Very few can actually blow the dust off their original home gaming console, put a good old cartridge in it, and load, say, Super Mario Adventures on it. But even if you don’t have your favorite Atari, GBA, or Commodore, you can still enjoy the best classic once released on these consoles. 

You can hardly find a retro gamer who has never heard of emulators. Emulators go a long way towards helping retro gamers by enabling modern devices like your Android smartphone, Windows PC, or iPad act as a vintage console. The magic is simple here: you install a dedicated emulator compatible with your particular OS onto your modern device, set up and configure it to your liking, download some games in the form of ROMs file, and then load them as you would on an original gaming system. 

This method is now widely used by millions of classic gamers worldwide. It spares you the bother of scouring various selling sites in search of the coveted old-school game or physical pre-owned console. What’s more, ROM games allow you to enjoy timeless classics in enhanced quality and utilize various cheats for faster progressing through the levels. And there is more, much more to emulation than just that. It’s high time you tried it for yourself!   

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