Exciting Destinations in Labuan Bajo and Denpasar City to Visit

Meanwhile, Denpasar is a city that is often the first reference for tourists to visit because it is the capital city of Bali. Both have developed into areas with many beautiful tourist attractions. There are many natural tourisms, unique cultures to explore, and local cuisines to taste in these two places.  

Tourist Destinations in Denpasar and Labuan Bajo 

  1. Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the most famous tourist spot in Labuhan Bajo. This island is a habitat of the giant lizard Komodo. The huge Komodo is a rare species of lizard that can only be found in Indonesia. Because it is large, many people who first see Komodo will think this giant lizard is a dragon. Therefore, this giant lizard is also often referred to as a komodo dragon.

  1. Rinca Island

Rinca Island is also one of the tourist destinations in Labuhan Bajo besides Komodo Island, which is worth a visit. This tourist destination also provides a tourist experience similar to Komodo Island. On Rinca Island, you will be invited to find Komodo trails with three programs: Short, Medium, and Long Track. This Labuhan Bajo tourist spot also offers beautiful views. 

  1. Bajra Sandhi Monument

The area is quite large, 14.4 ha, and a monument stands on a site of 4,900 square meters. Because of the large size, there are several football fields around the monument. In addition, you can enter the monument and watch the dioramas here.

  1. Waterboom Bali

Next, an exciting place to visit in Denpasar is Waterbom Bali. This place is the best water park in Asia and the second best in the world. Waterbom Bali promises fun and safe attractions.

All the rides provided at this water park have world-class standards with several levels of extremes. One of the rides that you can try is indeed called ‘Extreme.’ You are guaranteed to scream out loud the first time you try it. 

Both the city of Denpasar and Labuan Bajo are areas that are very worth exploring because of their beauty and natural wealth. Moreover, access to these two places is also easy, and you can use ships, buses, or planes.

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