Exploring Dollywood in One Day: Follow These Tips

Exploring Dollywood in One Day

Dollywood is one of the best and most popular theme parks of Tennessee. There is so much to explore, eat and just watch. If you plan a trip to Dollywood, travel experts recommend that you take more than one day to witness the fun, the oomph, and adrenaline-pumping roller coasters! There are so many sections based on a specific theme, all representing the folksy charms of Tennessee and other states. Sometimes, we want to have fun, but it is hard to enjoy a complete trip due to a lack of time.

You can still visit Dollywood on your trip to Nashville. Even if you don’t have 3 days to spare. Just give this article a read, and we will be telling you an easy yet time-saving way to explore the best of Dollywood!

How to Save Time in Dollywood?

It all starts from a solid plan. If you don’t have a proper plan in your bank, you’ll be lost. Here are a few tips to streamline the process.

Dollywood App

Why waste your time opening and refreshing the website on your phone again and again when you can simply download the app? Anyone with mobile should indeed have the Dollywood app! When you visit the amusement park, this handy app will inform you of the latest long waiting time on all of the attractions, allowing you to schedule ahead. The app also has a convenient timetable for Dollywood’s performances. You can use it before planning the day and keeping in touch with the latest changes while you are in the park.

Arrive Early

You may be on vacation but when you have only one day to explore a theme park like Dollywood, consider yourself a member of the navy. Go to bed early a night before so you can get up on time to go. Arriving early at the theme park is one of the few ways to avoid long queues. If you’re looking for a surprise, go straight to the Timber Canyon part of the park, which has most of the rides. Mornings usually are less crowded than afternoons, so early risers can aim to ride as many roller coasters as possible before lunchtime. Typically, people with no kids tend to spend a lot more time on the rides, but if you have your little munchkins aboard, it is mandatory for a lunch stop. However, if you are with your friends, eat some granola bars, grab a shake and continue your journey towards the rides!

Pack Extra

Few people consider bringing an extra pair of clothes. If you’re going to an amusement park, it’s almost a must. Nothing beats water slides in this spectacular park on a hot sunny day. Change your clothes instead of wasting your time sitting in a pool of water with sand stuck to your – well, everywhere. You cannot avoid getting wet here rather than wasting time waiting for your clothes to dry so that you can go home, pack an extra pair. Packing different is essential for children. However, it also depends on the rides you want to take as an adult. We suggest that you start with the water rides and then move on to the others.

Go On Popular Rides

We will get to that part later. There are so many rides in Dollywood that it becomes impossible to ride them all in one or two days. The ratio becomes even more saturated if you have less than a day at this park. However, to make the best out of this trip, focus on the most popular rides of the lot. We will discuss them later in the article.

Watch A Popular Show

From Gemstones to Live at the Back Porch, many live shows display the culture of American hill folk. You can pick one show and schedule your trip around it.

What Rides to Take On My One Day Trip to Dollywood?

Make the best of your time by visiting these rides:

The Wild Eagle

The Wild Eagle is well-known for being the first wing roller coaster in the United States. This one-of-a-kind trip will give you a greater sense of flying by cutting the track underneath. They make sure that there is nothing but the air surrounding you throughout the ride. There is a 210-foot drop along with some crafty inversions that leave you wanting more.

Dollywood Express

Roller coasters are not the only thing you can experience here. Even the shortest and most sentimental attractions are the greatest. This is true for the Dollywood Express, which travels through the calm and scenic Smoky Mountains hills. This ride takes a whopping twenty minutes, so sit back, relax, and drink it all in. At the same time, you enjoy the timeless classic travel pleasures of a revolutionary era. This is perfect for your toddlers and infants, and even seniors. They get to enjoy the view, and you get to relax a bit.

Daredevil Falls

We all consider ourselves as a daredevil until the real one arrives on the scene. Daredevil Falls’ is located in an abandoned logging camp setting. For nature lovers and explorers, this place is undoubtedly going to spark some interest. However, you must remain cautious because it is possible to get in touch with wildlife like black bears. The drop on the ride comes after you reach a height of 60 feet. It will take you down through a massive waterfall, so wear something accordingly.

Where to Eat On My One Day Trip to Dollywood?

Stopping for lunch is essential for many people. If you have more time, you can stay and enjoy a takeaway at the Gatlinburg cabins. If you are on a time restraint, visit these eateries:

Front Porch Cafe

Front Porch Cafe is a modern establishment that provides clients with both indoor and outdoor seating. For visitors who choose vegetarian, dairy, or gluten-free options, the cafe has a diverse menu. If you have a strong desire for southern classics, this is the way to go. The restaurant is located in the Show Street section. Front Porch Cafe’s meatloaf is their specialty, and it’s recommended by several food blogs and rumored to be Dolly Parton’s favorite spot. You will get a home-cooked vibe here. Nothing too fancy but undoubtedly delicious.

Till and Harvest

Till and Harvest is one of Wildwood Grove’s most well-known and early establishments. It’s in the offshoots, where it’s a little quieter. Suppose you’re traveling with children or senior citizens. In that case, this is a perfect spot to get away from the sumptuousness of Dollywood and relax. The atmosphere is calming and euthanizing. Unlike most resort restaurants, you will feel as though you are eating at a fine dining establishment. They serve the best nachos in town. You should do it with avocado crème, and you’ll be addicted for a long time.


Dollywood is one of the best theme parks in America. You can go there every day and still not get tired. However, if you have only one day to explore the park, making smart choices and planning ahead is how to go. Also, cut down your eating hours to make sure to get on maximum rides.

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