A lot of people travel to the most beautiful and scenic parts of the world to experience and relish their natural beauty and culture. Tourism is not just great for the tourists but also a way to strengthen the economy of countries.

India is known worldwide for its natural beauty and traditional architecture, temples, as well as serene islands. Andaman islands are one of the most beautiful places in India to spend some quality and relaxing time with your loved ones or alone.

Traveling to Andaman may come with a handful of things to do and Andaman tourism agencies can also help one create a perfect itinerary to spend time in this paradise on Earth.


If you plan to spend a vacation in the Andaman islands, make sure to go through the following list of experiences to add to the quality of your holiday.

  1. SCUBA DIVING: a number of places and locations offer people to go through some basic training, followed by a real scuba diving experience inside the depths of the clean, refreshing water in Andaman islands. Experience the best of what life underwater has to offer to us, terrestrial guests.
  2. SNORKELING: experience the beauty of aquatic life and marine species in the shallow depths of the water surface, using some basic gear and an adventurous spirit.
  3. DOLPHIN GLASS BOTTOM BOAT: if you are a little scared of going all out on the adventurous spirit and dive deep into the water all by yourself, that doesn’t mean you cannot experience the beauty of the depths of water.

Have an experience of your life by going on a glass-bottom boat, which lets you see and experience everything below the surface of the water, without affecting your breath. Walk into one of the glass bottom boats and look through the protective clear glass to experience the aquatic life at its best.

  1. UNDERSEA WALKING: this water sport allows one to be geared up and enter the water, allowing them to be able to walk on the surface of a shallow region. This allows one to experience the underwater beauty at its best.
  2. ISLAND TREKKING: if you are a fan of the mountains, make sure to go through a small trek in the mountains of this beautiful group of islands, like through Mt. Harriet to Madhuban or Havelock to Elephant Beach.
  3. DOLPHIN WATCHING: one of the most favorite activities of tourists in the Andaman islands is to watch the beautiful dolphins taking a trip close to you, near the water surface.
  4. PARASAILING: combine the thrill of water and air sports together to experience even more thrill and adventure through parasailing. It’s safe and it’s fun for everyone who is looking for a 5-10 minute adrenaline rush.
  5. RUBBER PLANTATIONS VISIT: another beautiful experience adding to the beauty of your Andaman tourism is a short visit to the rubber plantations.
  6. FOREST AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL MUSEUM: get to learn more about the wildlife and the history of Andaman islands after you make a short trip to these informative museums.
  7. VISIT THE BEACHES: Andaman is a group of islands. Wherever you choose to stay, make sure to visit as many as possible beautiful beaches to lighten up your mood and uplift your spirit. Some of the best beaches to visit are Wandoor beach, Bharatpur beach, Elephant beach, and Kala Patharj beach.
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