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Factors to Consider when Selecting Service Apartments for Rent

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The serviced apartment industry is gaining popularity as more and more people prefer renting affordable service apartments to hotel rooms. Apartments for rent in Seattle have all the facilities you need in a house, so it is even better than staying in a hotel because the amenities are at your disposal.

A serviced apartment is referred to as a fully furnished apartment that you can rent either for a short or long stay. It provides amenities, housekeeping services, and other guest services. Most of these apartments are very safe and are equipped with CCTV cameras.

The main advantage of a service apartment is that they offer personalized services, which need not be paid for. If you have never rented or stayed in a service apartment before, the following factors will guide you to select a well-serviced apartment:


Location is one of the most critical aspects you should consider when selecting an affordable service apartment. You should ensure that the service apartment is located where all amenities are easily accessible because you will not have much time to travel from one place to another.


Most of the properties do not come with clear pictures, and you should always go for service apartments whose amenities are well-described. It is also advisable that you ask for a video of the service apartment to better understand the facility.


Safety and security are essential aspects of renting a service apartment. You should ensure that there are CCTV cameras installed at all possible places along with 24-hour security surveillance.

Check for reviews

You can check all the reviews on the internet before selecting affordable service apartments. You should choose an apartment that has positive customer reviews so that you are guaranteed quality services.

Payment procedure

The payment procedure should be convenient without hidden charges because most people prefer transparency while paying for their services.


The amenities at the service apartment should be well-maintained so that you are not facing any problems when staying in the service apartment. You can ask for all the necessary amenities before renting a service apartment so that there are no misunderstandings between you and the owner.

Time to check in and out

You should select a service apartment with a flexible time for checking in and out so that you don’t have to worry about being late or early. Many people prefer renting a serviced apartment without restrictions on time to check-in and check-out because it helps them plan their day accordingly.

There are many affordable service apartments you can choose from, and you should compare all the available options before selecting a serviced apartment. Once you have checked all the facilities, location, and budget, check for customer reviews to know what to expect from the service apartment.


It is always advisable to select a serviced apartment after comparing all the facilities and amenities. It would be best if you were particular about the location and the security of the service apartment so that you don’t face any problems while completing your work.

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