Features of HUAWEI watch gt3

Features of HUAWEI watch gt3

You may be aware that in recent years Huawei has branched away from just making smartphones but now actually making wearable devices. Today we are going to discuss some amazing features of a brand new watch called the HUAWEI watch gt3.

The Huawei Watch 3 series delivers incredible communication technology as well as an infinite array of Huawei features on their wearable products. Whereas the gt3 is especially focused on delivering advanced fitness and health functionality. Another highlight of the watch gt3 is its two-week-long battery life which is about 14 days long.


HUAWEI watch gt3 has the sporty design of previous models. The metallic body is encased in a seamless 3D glass cover with intricately textured graving on the bezels to mark different times. Underneath the glass, the cover is a 1.43-inch AMOLED display that features vivid colors high contrasts, and a high resolution.

There are also a bunch of intriguing watch faces to choose from and you can even create and sink a custom watch face to the HUAWEI watch gt3 and all-new AOD watch face has also been added to the display. To the right are two buttons the top right button is something new, it allows you to turn the 3D rotating crown and get touch-based feedback. You can use it to magnify or shrink app icons or even just the volume level.

In addition, there is a button on the bottom right-hand corner of the watch frame. This button can be customized for you to open up access you are frequently using the application on HUAWEI watch gt3. For example you can initiate a workout session, heart rate, or even blood oxygen monitoring.

About strap of the HUAWEI watch gt3

The strap is made of a skin soothing and waterproof flurry Alabama material which is really nice to have on your wrist. Even better is the switching strap ability. It is so much easier than before and this is great if you want to change to a different strap for a different look and feel or for a different environment.

Huawei is already prepared several different straps. All of which is incredibly stylish metal straps that you can easily pick up through any of the official Huawei channels. Where you can find the Leather strap, the Metal Chain strap, and another strap called the Miranis strap.

Engage your phone with HUAWEI watch gt3

The watch adopts a first-of-its-kind minus one screen design that follows identical logic to the screen on your phone. This allows you to enjoy engaging phone-based interactions directly on your watch. Bringing you into a new realm of wearable technology.

Accurate heart rate tracking

Senses on the back have been enhanced as well from a four-point to an all-new circular layout. This allows you to obtain ridiculously accurate heart rate readings.

High-level fitness tracking

HUAWEI watch gt3 is well equipped to be your next best personal trainer. It supports an 18 pro-level workout mode. It can record your step count and support a vast range of different workouts. Select your desired fitness mode and put it on the reminder.

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