Federal 9mm Ammo 50 rounds – a Good Choice For Concealed Carry?

In a self-defense situation, speed really matters. That’s why cartridges like Federal 9mm ammo 50 rounds have become so popular for concealed carry purposes over recent years. 

One of the main reasons that this is the case is size. 9mm handguns are perfectly suited to concealed carry, as they tend to be amongst the smallest in terms of overall size and weight. 

Sure, you can use bigger guns – particularly if you’re a strapping 6 ft 4 inches tall – but for most of us, the smaller the better, as it won’t weigh you down and drawing it is that much easier and quicker. 

That said, this is not the only reason why 9mm ammo is great for both home defense and concealed carry personal defense. 

Federal 9mm Ammo 50 Rounds Are Cost-Effective

Conventional wisdom tells us that shot placement is more crucial than the caliber of the round you have in your weapon. Of course, you don’t want a gun with too little stopping power, as the very smallest bullets often don’t make it through the human breastplate.

Being proficient with your firearm isn’t a given for everyone, which is why spending time down at the range or plinking in the backyard is important. However, to do this, you need rounds and the cost factor really stacks up when extrapolated over several months. 

For example, if you buy a Federal 9mm ammo 50 rounds box, it can cost you under $20, but say .40 Smith & Wesson rounds might cost you 50% more than that. 9mm rounds offer a cheaper handgun-owning experience over time, as you need to stay current and practice as often as you can. 

9mm Handguns Offer More Capacity

In the context of a self-defense situation, having more rounds at your disposal is always going to be better, especially as it’s difficult to have the calmness and wherewithal to reload when you’re life is being threatened. This is where the 9mm handgun wins out, as they’ll usually have bigger magazines.

Of course, if you practice more, there’s a possibility that you won’t need as many rounds to stop the target, but as they say, it’s better to have more and not need them, than…you know. 

If you’ve already invested in a .40 pistol and you’re experienced with it, it’s most likely better for you to just stick with what you have. However, if you’re just buying one for the first time, the smart money goes on a 9mm, as it’s best to start out as you mean to go on. 

The Savvy Choice For Personal/Home Defense

It’s kinda difficult to see past Federal 9mm ammo 50 rounds for personal or home defense for all the reasons listed, so we’d certainly recommend using them if it’s practicable. 

9mm handguns are lighter, easier to conceal and able to carry more rounds. Add the savings mentioned into the equation and it becomes pretty clear which is the savvy route to take. 

This will apply to most, although not all. What you need to do is go try a few out and see what suits you best and if a 9mm sits right with you, you know you’re onto a winner!

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