Financial Consultant vs Financial Advisor: What Are the Differences?

Financial planning is an industry that is valued at about $59 billion right now. If you’re trying to handle your money with more precision, it’ll take the help of a financial consultant or advisor that can look out for you.

When you understand the difference between them it’s easier for you to find the right professional to steer your finances in the right direction. The points below are useful when you’re considering whether to hire a financial consultant vs financial advisor.

Financial Consultants Help With Strategic Planning

So, what is a financial consultant? This is a type of financial advisor who provides professional service through strategic planning.

Strategic planning is an essential part of your financial journey that will help you shore up savings, invest in the right places, and make sure that your financial goals add to and achieve your life goals. Having access to these professionals can provide you with comprehensive evaluations that will assist you in generating wealth on your terms.

They Both Carry a Variety of Designations

When you’re exploring a financial consultant guide, know that both financial consultants and financial advisors hold a number of different certifications and designations. Both of these professionals are often specialized, which means that they are able to explore various parts of your finances.

The difference is that consultants typically work with you on a short-term and temporary basis, with a specific goal in mind. Financial advisors hold designations and assist you on an ongoing basis, even if just quarterly or a couple times per year.

Consultants Often Focus on Tech

Financial consultants tend to be tech oriented as well. They can provide you with an informational technology (IT) assessment, along with whatever software you need to manage your finances and achieve your goals.

These pros will take a look at the IT solutions that you need and will keep you ahead of the game with the growing FinTech field.

Advisors Teach the Nuance

Your financial advisor is more likely to work with you on an ongoing basis. This is why it’s so important to have the best financial advisor that you can find. When you work with these professionals on a regular basis, you will learn nuance that will guide your judgment and financial decision-making.

Consider hiring an advisor whose advice you trust and whose communication style you resonate with. Find the help of a firm that has a variety of pros on staff. You can browse information on to learn more about sales and marketing.

Financial Consultant vs Financial Advisor 101

These tips are helpful when you’re learning all about the topic of what is a financial consultant vs financial advisor. Understanding these differences are helpful if you’re trying to take your money to the next level and need professional help.

Use this guide so that you can ask the right questions when it’s time to reach out to financial consultants and advisors for any services that you’re looking for.

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