Find a Kia Dealer Service Department Today and Give Your Car Some TLC for a Longer Lifespan

Find a Kia Dealer Service Department Today and Give Your Car Some TLC for a Longer Lifespan

Kia has grown significantly in Australia over the past few years and recently, they announced a futuristic logo that fits perfectly into the digital age. Their new models also have narrower grilles, redesigned headlights and running lights that match the updated logo.

Most Kia cars, especially the new Kia Cerato, are head-turners wherever you go. Just be sure to talk to a Kia dealer service department for regular servicing so your new car will last longer. 

How To Keep Your New Kia Cerato in Good Condition

The improved Kia Cerato was chosen as Australia’s first badged Kia. As with any Kia model, it is important to fully understand the Kia Cerato service cost and its proper maintenance before making a purchase. Fortunately, all Kia models offer a 7-year warranty, unlimited mileage, and a 7-year service plan. This is already beneficial to everyone, but check out these helpful tips to further extend the life of your Kia!

Check tyre pressure

Ideally, this is done once a month and before going on a road trip. Use an accurate tyre pressure gauge to check the pressure of each tyre, including your spare tyres. This is best done when the tyres are cold. Each car has an ideal inflation pressure suggested by the carmaker and it’s usually found near the front, glove compartment, or user manual. Stick to it and inspect the tyres for any abnormal or uneven wear, cuts or bumps on the sidewalls. If you need assistance, take your car to your nearest Kia service department for inspection.

Run security tests externally

If you parked your car for an extended period, make sure all external lights are on. Walk inside the car to check if they are working. Headlights are the most important safety light in your car. Consider taking some additional steps to keep it bright, such as cleaning the lens or replacing the bulb when it begins to fade. Burned or broken light bulb is a safety issue and can result in fines. Check if the brake lights are working properly. If the light bulb is burned out, take your car to the nearest Kia dealer service department to determine if it is the light bulb or the core that needs to be replaced.

Take a look at your brakes

Check the brake system yearly and check the brake pads, rotors and drums every time you change the oil. While driving, listen to the sound of the brakes and pay attention to the vibration of the brake pedal. If you need monthly assistance to check and replace your brake fluid, a Kia customer service representative will be happy to help. 

Never replace any other fluid, such as the transmission or steering fluid. Also, avoid using brake fluid from previously opened containers. When exposed to air, brake fluid absorbs moisture and is prone to contamination. 

Change the oil and filter regularly.

The car’s current manual recommends increasing the interval between oil changes. This is because frequent replacement removes abrasive dirt and metal particles from the engine, extending its lifespan. Maximize engine life by following the strict interval recommendations of your trusted Kia dealer service department, especially if you drive in stop-and-go traffic regularly.


Having a reliable car like the Kia Cerato is a dream of many. Make sure that you are getting value for your money by keping tabs on the servicing schedule. Most Kia models need servicing every 12 months or after 15,000 kilometres. Remember that getting the car serviced on time keeps it in good condition. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to contact the nearest dealership and have your car checked. For more information, please visit your local service centre or visit our blog.

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