First-class cricket

First-class  cricket, as its name implies, is considered to be the form of the game with the highest standards. These contests, which exist at online sports betting from 1xBet website, can be several days long. It should be noted that this kind of cricket is not exactly the same as Test-matches.

In general, all Test-matches of cricket are considered as first-class contests. However, there are other kinds of games that also belong to this category. Most of the events that are considered first-class matches come from domestic championships.

First-class events, available for online sports betting from the website 1xBet, have seen a decline in interest throughout the years. This is especially considering the rise of limited-overs cricket and other forms of the game.

Differences with other formats

It is not difficult to set apart matches played under the First-class category.  but it is important to take a look at some key differences of tournaments. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • it is normal for first-class matches to be several days long;
  • in theory, every team will have two innings, which means that there are two moments of the game where they will be able to bat;
  • each team has eleven players on the field.

The duration of the match was the main factor that led to the creation of other forms of the sport, mainly limited-overs cricket. In general, there were very few people who were able or willing to spend many days watching a sports event. Therefore, it was decided to create other faster and shorter variations of the game in order to attract more fans. Yet, first-class cricket is still actively played, and is also available for those who try to bet in cricket now at the 1xBet gambling platform.


The history of first-class cricket is closely linked to the history of the sport itself. Throughout the years, it has been quite simple to distinguish first-class cricket, from other variations. During the early formal competitions of this sport, basically every game that had high standards was considered as a first-class one. However, this created a big issue.

At some moment it was attempted to retroactively categorize many games as first-class ones. However, this was a difficult task, since historians needed to rely on old and sometimes incomplete records. Therefore, it was decided that only matches played from 1895 could be eligible for first-class status.

There have been thousands of official first-class matches, with many of them being featured at the 1xBet betting website. In fact, in 2020, the first-class contest number 60 thousand was played in India.

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