Five must-see places in Finland

Finland might be far from the popular routes of Europe but has a charm of its kind. Be amazed by the vibrant cities of Helsinki, the deep boreal forest, and the thinly inhabited outer archipelago. You will love Finland, a cultural hub, and enjoy the unspoiled nature.  With its lakes, rivers, vast wild area, and the phenomenal Northern lights, Finland will never disappoint a first-timer.

Suomenlinna Fortress:  This is a fortress built in the 18th century and accessible from Helsinki’s Market Square by a 15 minutes ferry ride. The Fortress is the UNESCO World Heritage site that was built in 1847 to scare off the Russians. You will love to explore this historic place through an audio-visual centre. Never miss the sight of the 250 tonnes of Vesikko submarines used by the Finnish navy from 1936 till the end of World War II.  Enjoy the musical performance at the Suomenlinna Summer theatre. 

Kauppatori and Esplanadi: Helsinki harbor is an integral part of the city, entirely overlooked by other landmarks. It’s a popular gathering point where the fishermen, farmers, artisans, and food producers sell their products directly into the market. You may see a basket full of ripe berries, or foraged woodland mushrooms. The market is into existence from 1889 shelters food vendors, but the outdoor market is a year-round tradition. Enjoy the excellent ambiance and the terrace of the Kappeli restaurant that hosts popular band shows. 

Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle:  Rovaniemi is a town through which Arctic Circle passes. This place is famous for the Midnight sun, the day of the Summer Solstice in June when Sun stays in the sky for 24 hours. Generally, the country has longer days in summer and shorter in winter. Locals enjoy the great outdoors during the ‘White nights,’ Tourists prefer visiting during this time. This village is rightly called as the Santa Clause Village.  Meet the reindeer, and enjoy the awesome sledge, a car pulled by the reindeers. This is one of the most suitable places to visit during the winters.

Helsinki churches:  You will love visiting the churches of Helsinki. Out of the three such kinds, two are cathedrals, and the third is a landmark of modern architecture. The Uspensky Orthodox Cathedral dramatically rises by the harbor side, which is thirteen green-topped spires that end in a gold dome. Enjoy the magnificent views of Western Europe’s largest Orthodox Churches whose interior glows with icons, gold, altars, crosses, and decorated arches.  Visit the Neoclassical Lutheran Cathedral, which appears to be standing on the roofs of the harbor-front buildings. 

Northern lights:  There is nothing more mysterious than the Northern Lights. The scientific explanation goes like the Sun released charged particles that charge atoms in the earth. When charged particles release electrons due to a higher energy state. While the electrons drop to lower energy state, they release a photon. The result is the creation of beautiful light drapes that swivel across the sky. The Northern lights or the phenomenal Aurora Borealis are best seen between Septembers to March, provided the sky is clear. The romantic places in Finland, as well as a mysterious area of the earth, never fails to impress a first timer. In fact Finland is one of those countries, which would amaze a tourist with her natural assets, more than the cities.  Enjoy the historical structures and significance attached with it. 

Finland is a country where you will get pampered by the picturesque nature and the unpolluted air. You will find the greatest mysteries of the earth here and indulge in some winter sports activities. If you are an admirer of historical art and architecture, it will never fail to impress you with the prolific structures and you can capture some memorable moments there. In a word, the not so popular country will never fail to impress you with her most treasured assets.

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