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Five Storage Hacks for Small Apartments

Affording big houses has become challenging as rent prices skyrocket. This issue is especially prevalent in places like Hong Kong, which has the 2nd most expensive housing in the world. The cost of houses here is 23.3 times more than what its citizens earn in a year, which is why 90% of Hong Kongese families live in homes smaller than 700 square feet.

However, if you live in Hong Kong, don’t let the lack of space stop you from making the most of your living situation. You can still create a comfortable apartment that doesn’t feel too cramped by maximizing your space through creative solutions. These storage hacks include the following: 

  1. Renting storage 

The size of 47% of apartments in Hong Kong were between 30 and 39 square meters in March 2022. They make up most of the housing market and have even gained the reputation of one of the most tiny and costly apartments worldwide in a report by Bloomberg. It also stated that some apartments in Hong Kong cost around half as much as a home in the city despite being smaller than a parking space. 

With apartments this small, you only have room for the bare necessities. Even if your home is around 700 square feet, you’ll still struggle with adjusting your belongings. The littlest clutter can block your path in these tiny spaces. However, how much can you afford to get rid of? You may have sentimental or valuable items you may not wish to part with, even if you don’t have the space to keep them. 

In that case, you can consider renting storage. These units can keep your belongings safe and let you conveniently access them whenever needed. You can choose these facilities according to your needs from the different sizes of storage units Hong Kong provides, ranging from 20 to 250 square meters. Some companies also offer mini storage, around 15 square feet, that you can use to keep toys, files, or books. It can even double as a spare wardrobe! However, remember to choose a trustworthy storage company, like SC Storage, with CCTV surveillance and a clean environment. They also provide an easily accessible space with multiple trolleys and ladders so you can conveniently move your stuff. 

  1. Maximize closet space 

Small apartments typically have little closet space that can barely fit half of your wardrobe. However, you can’t just overstuff your closet or leave your clothes out and create a mess. You must make do with what you have and maximize your closet space by trying the following strategies:

  • You can install another rod at a different height to hang more clothes. You can use the top rod for longer clothing and the bottom part for tops and short shirts.
  • Add hooks to the closet door to create hanging space for belts, hats, or bags.
  • Choose slimline hangers to add more clothes to your closet, and avoid chunky hangers that create gaps between clothing.
  • Throw out old garments you don’t wear or those that don’t fit.
  • Utilize the empty floor space of your closet by adding more shelves.
  • Fold up your shirts into thirds by learning how to file fold. Instead of flatly stacking them, it maximizes space by letting you stand shirts in a drawer like a file. 

These hacks let you arrange your wardrobe neatly, which helps you increase your closet space and lets you find each article easily. 

  1. Multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture eliminates the need for buying more items by combining your needs into one piece. For example, a multifunctional sofa that expands into a bed. Or a small desk that extends into a long table, which doubles as a study and dining table. Some bookcases unfold a desk you can use to work while reading books. 

On the other hand, there’s also furniture that doubles as storage, like a bed with built-in drawers at the bottom that can store extra blankets or pillowcases. Or a full-length mirror with a hidden cabinet, which you can use to store all your beauty essentials without purchasing a huge dresser. Consider investing in these multifunctional pieces of furniture to utilize your space and add more storage subtly and elegantly.

  1. Organize entryway 

Your entryway is your home’s most easily cluttered space, with shoes left in front of the doorway and jackets strewn across the floor. This kind of mess is especially noticeable in a small apartment. However, you can maximize this space by organizing your entryway with the following hacks: 

  • Add a small shoe rack so they don’t clutter the entrance floor. 
  • Set a skinny console table. Though it may not offer much storage space, it can store miscellaneous items like extra batteries, tape, or excess mail. You can even use the top of the table to add a few decorations. 
  • Set up a mirror with a shelf to store small items like keys or purses. You can even use it as a quick powder station by keeping a spare hairbrush and perfume to touch up your appearance before leaving the house. 
  • Install brass hooks to hold your coats or hats behind or beside your door. You can also hang vertical baskets on the wall adjacent to the door for extra storage. 

Your entryway can have a lot of potential for maximizing space, yet most homeowners often neglect it. These simple storage solutions can keep extra items from cluttering your apartment and create a welcoming entrance. 

  1. Open shelf divider 

Open shelf dividers are an excellent choice for small apartments that need space dividers by creating a physical and visual separation. For example, you can place this shelf between the living and dining rooms and place the respective furniture on each side to develop a sense of division. If you have children who share a room, you can add these shelves to provide space to store toys while letting your kids have a separate area for themselves. 

They can double as a bookcase and keep items within reach. Or, you can install them by your bed to create a private sleeping space and provide privacy. Using a shelf as a room divider helps you utilize space effectively by creating specific areas for each type of room while providing extra storage.


It’s not about the size of your apartment that matters the most. Rather, how you utilize your space makes the most difference. You only need to be resourceful to create a functional and comfortable home. A small apartment doesn’t automatically have to mean messy or cramped. Instead, you can make it an open space by effectively implementing the storage strategies in this article.

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