Four Odd Writing Tips to Impress Your University Professor

Unlike verbal communication, writing is a sophisticated way to express your ideas, thoughts, arguments, and theories on paper. For centuries, the written word has preserved history and culture. Without the written word, important events and discoveries may have been lost or forgotten. You use writing every day to communicate with your friends, co-workers, and family through emails, texts, and social media posts. University-level writing is held to a much higher standard than posting on social media or sending off a quick text message to your friend. You must follow formatting, guidelines, rubrics, and grammatical standards to write a high-quality custom essay. Some students love writing while others dread a writing assignment. Whether you love or hate writing assignments, here are four odd writing tips to impress your university professor:

  1. Ask Questions

It may seem obvious to ask questions. However, many students can feel intimidated to ask questions, especially during their first year at the university. Your professor will provide you with a syllabus that will disclose the upcoming assignments and course objectives. They will also tell you when their office hours are during the week. You should take advantage of these office hours and ask questions about your writing assignment. It will impress your professors that you are taking initiative in your assignments. It will also give you a better understanding of what is expected.

  1. Ask for Feedback

A writing assignment consists of more than just putting pen to paper or fingers on a keyboard. You must take time to research your topic, write, edit, and review. If you do not allow yourself enough time, your professor will be able to tell you rushed through the assignment. Once you have drafted your essay, you will want to take a break from it. You should ask a peer, professor, or custom essay writing service to review your work. They can provide you with clear feedback. You may have thought you made a point but somehow missed it during your train of thought. Online essay writing services offer amazing editing and peer-reviewed services. If you do not want to ask a peer or your professor, you can submit your essay to the service and receive feedback quickly. It is an affordable and fast option.

  1. Take Breaks

When you spend hours writing, your thoughts may start to blend and your eyes will begin to glaze over. You will want to take breaks and revisit your paper. You can work on another assignment or watch your favourite show. It is always best to write with clarity. The best-published writers and novelists will tell you that they take breaks. While it may appear counterproductive, it will help you to write a quality assignment.

  1. Academic Integrity

You must always complete every assignment with academic integrity. You may be enticed to copy phrases, paragraphs, or words from another writer. Plagiarism can lead to serious consequences such as failing the assignment, dismissal from the class, suspension, and expulsion. If you do not want or cannot find the time to complete the writing assignment, there are other options than plagiarism. Online essay writing services are legal and uphold academic integrity. The professional writers will produce plagiarism-free papers that will exceed your professor’s expectations.

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