Free Dog Training Near Me: How To Choose the Right Dog Trainer

Puppies make a wonderful holiday gift for families, but after the bow comes off, you need to jump into training.

More than 95% of dogs never receive professional training, which is no wonder why many end up in shelters. If you got a dog recently and want to help them adjust to the new surroundings, you should look for free dog training near me. Keep reading to discover how to pick the best trainer for your dog’s needs!

Compare Teaching Styles

One of the biggest factors to compare when you look for free dog training near me is their teaching styles.

Positive reinforcement has proven to be the most effective method for teaching dogs. Punishment for bad behaviors can lead to increased aggression and difficulties. When you choose a dog trainer, make sure you ask them about their teaching methods, you can even ask for examples.

Identify Training Needs

If you want to find the best dog trainer, you need to consider your dog’s training needs.

For example, there are narcotic detection dogs for hire but they require specialized training. Emotional support animals, hunting dogs, and health conditions can impact the type of training they receive.

Many people hire a dog trainer to get control of dangerous behaviors like running away, biting, and attacking.

Research Their Reputation

A great way to find a good dog training program is by going online.

Company websites, reviews, and social media can expose you to more info about the services each trainer provides. Although you can get a lot of info from their website, it will only show their services in the best light.

Review sites and social media offers a raw representation of their success. Don’t be afraid to call trainers and ask them questions if you’re on the fence.

Trust Fido

If your pup normally does well around strangers but isn’t getting along with a trainer, you may want to consider other options.

By trusting your dog’s behavior around the trainer, you can see the influence they create. Some people have bad experiences with aggressive trainers and when they pick up their dogs again, they look traumatized.

Pay attention to your dog’s body language and listening skills when you step away from the leash. A good trainer should remain in control and maintain a positive attitude.

Check Training Facilities & Resources

Although you can train a dog with a few treats and some open space, other resources can expedite the process.

Once you start comparing your final options, take a look at their facilities and training resources. Most trainers will post this info with photographs and videos online. You can also take a tour of the facility, this is common for day schools for pups.

Find the Best Free Dog Training Near Me

When it comes to finding free dog training near me, you want to be selective with the trainer.

By paying attention to your dog, you can develop a plan with a trainer. The internet is a great resource for finding a trainer, but don’t be afraid to visit the facilities and get a better feel of the place.

If you want to learn more about dog training and caring for your pets, check out our page for the newest content!

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