From Wax Museum to Griffith Park, 10 Things That Make Hollywood a Unique Tourist Attraction

From Wax Museum to Griffith Park

Hollywood isn’t just famous for its movies and shows, it is also a popular tourist destination with much to offer.

The city has a lot more to offer than the famous movie and TV stars casually walking on the street, coming in and out of coffee shops and legendary palm trees. It also attracts a dynamic tourist population from the globe. Let’s take a look at the most interesting and popular attractions Hollywood provides.

  1. Wax museum

Would you like to have a picture taken with your idols? Of course, anyone would! It is why the Hollywood wax museum is one of the most crowded attractions in the city! There’s always the chance of running into a celebrity and taking a memorable selfie with them, because the iconic wax models are always there to meet you. From King of the pop, Micheal Jackson, to your favorite Pirate-actor, Johnny Depp, you can stop, pose and click photos with all your favorites! Moreover, if curiosity overwhelms you, you can learn about how the wax models are made. There are placards around the museum with intriguing facts and quizzes to test your knowledge. Being the oldest wax museum in the country and having a plethora of quality wax figures, Hollywood Wax Museum has rightfully earned its popularity. You know you will have a great time when the king kong model is on the top of the building, luring you in for an adventure.

  1. TCL Chinese Theater

With authentic Chinese architecture and a people capacity to hold 1000 people, TCL Chinese Theater is one of its kind. Since 1927, this reputable place has consistently maintained its service and kept itself updated using numerous revamping attempts. If you are a star wars fan, you would love to visit this place—the birthplace of the star wars franchise. However, the most enthralling thing is the collection of 200 autographs and hand or footprints the theater has preserved. You might find imprints of your favorite actor while you enjoy another hit movie premiere in the theater.

  1. La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Hollywood is more than just showbiz and movies: it has places for people thirsty for knowledge of planetology too! La Brea Tar Pits and Museum has fossil remains unlike any other museum of its kind, from prehistoric aesthetic to uniquely set replicas, which set it apart from regular museums. The beautiful visuals of the museum make it not only captivating but also wake your inner scientists up. Who wouldn’t want to know the story of pebbles —the ice age puma — when they see its skull smiling at them?

  1. Museum of Death

Did you love watching American Psycho or Law and Order? Or do you find documentaries about serial killers entertaining? If yes, you would love this place! Even if dark-themed stories are not your style, this museum will make you appreciate life. The beautiful entrance made out of a gate with a skull and flowers communicates the scary but fascinating one-hour thrill inside. The museum of death has an array of serial killer artwork, letters, and films documenting autopsies. It also houses more sensitive displays of baby coffins and explicit photos of crime scenes. Along with replicas of various execution instruments and devices, there are original suicide machines on display too. While there is no age limit for entrance, a mature audience is encouraged.

  1. Warner Brother’s Studio Tour


You will be able to feel the excited anxiety when you try on the Hogwarts sorting hat on the most dreamable tour. From Friends’ coffee house (if you are lucky, you might get a hug from Jennifer Aniston) to experiencing deja vu watching the classics, thrilling experience is an understatement for the tour.

Warner Brother’s studio in Burbank is the dream of all movie enthusiasts. You would want to experience the full 3-hour tour to the fullest, or book a six-hour deluxe tour for an immersive experience.

  1. Museum of illusions

This place is going to confuse and educate you at the same time. No, I am not talking about math class: it is the museum of illusions. This museum is the perfect place for family visits. Mind-boggling and bewitching, the museum entertains individuals of every age. It satisfies curiosity by explaining the human mind and perception- the perfect balance of education and fun. The electrifying sight also makes the most Instagram-worthy posts. Because of its exciting experience, the museum of illusion has become quite popular despite being a recent attraction.

  1. Sunset Strip

This is your urban fantasy. With nightclubs and large bright billboards, it shows how West Hollywood people live life to the fullest. Exactly how the movies portray the Sunset strip, this place has a party vibe to it. With blasting music, it is also a home for fashionistas. A casual leisure walk and shopping spree is an adventure in itself in this part of the city. It wouldn’t be very surprising to see a celebrity here in the evening hours, just enjoying the glamour of the bright Los Angeles. You would not want to miss your opportunity to go to the comedy store there. Take your chance to visit Rainbow Bar & Grill and hear stories of celebrities partying there.

  1. Walk among the stars: Walk of fame

Free to visit and always on the go, the Walk of Fame is a unique attraction.  Many celebrities have their names written in their star on the street: celebrating their success. Right next to Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame is usually busy with on-street interviews. You should not be surprised if an interviewer from Jimmy Kimmel Live! Casually intercepts your walk for a light trivia for their show. Mostly busy in the nighttime, Walk of Fame is connected to many show houses, theaters, and restaurants: giving you many options where you would want to enjoy your next hours. While you wander around scanning for any celebrity in the area, you can also sight the iconic Hollywood sign!

  1. Step into the galaxy of music at Amoeba Music

Take the entire world’s music and place it in one building: you have amoeba music. You can explore the music of all genres and periods here, heaven for music lovers. Do you want a Jimi Hendrix Experience? Or would you like Pink Floyd? How about a new Ariana Grande record? It isn’t uncommon to see people buy records like they are buying groceries.

  1. Griffith Park

Entertaining all ages, Griffith park has family-friendly options, including Griffith Observatory and the Los Angeles Zoo. Griffith Observatory is a fancy planetarium. While you move amidst the stars of this earth, this planetarium gives you a chance to see and study stars that beautify the cosmos. It is an excellent place to take young children who have endless questions about outer space. As they watch what is in the sky, you can learn about the stars too while relaxing in air-conditioned rooms. The Los Angeles Zoo houses animals from around the world and hence could be every child’s happy place. Griffith Park has many rides such as merry-go-rides and pony rides too. One particular train ride provides a quick trip to a Native American village. Moreover, you can go horse riding, play golf or observe diversity in flora and fauna in the botanical garden. Griffith Park is a paradise for people who appreciate nature or those who use it as a means to reconnect to themselves.

Final thoughts:

Hollywood holds itself as an extraordinary tourist destination. The high quality of the entertainment outlets and attractions which cater to the needs and wants of all types of audiences makes it highly recommendable.

Extroverts or introverts, movie geeks or music fanatics, children or adults, everyone can come and have a great time. The versatile and accommodating Hollywood would accept and entertain them all.

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