Fun Activities for Kids in Ascot Vale Australia

Fun Activities for Kids in Ascot Vale Australia

Ascot Vale has plenty to keep adults and parents entertained, but what about the kids? Well, here are some fun activities that they can enjoy too. They might even drag you along!

RampFest Indoor Skatepark

If your child seeks an adrenaline boost every so often, they will love the RampFest Indoor Skatepark. Based in Braybrook, it’s just a short drive away and will keep your children entertained for many hours. While some like to skateboard, others ride around on bikes, scooters, or even roller skates.

Why not allow your child to bring a friend along to ease the nerves? Otherwise, watch as they make new friends and build their character in the skatepark. As long as you encourage them to always get up after a fall, these are lessons that they can use throughout life. Make sure your child is wearing a helmet though, one face plant on the concrete, and you will need to take your child to a dentist Ascot Vale.

Martial Arts, Karate, and Taekwondo

Next, you’ll find lots of different karate, martial arts, and taekwondo classes in and around Ascot Vale. For example, this includes:

  • VTEAM Taekwondo Maidstone
  • OKUKAN Karate Melbourne
  • Dans Martial Arts
  • Nexus Jiu-Jitsu

Martial arts and similar activities will teach your child all about discipline, inner character, confidence, and more. Not only will they make friends, but they’ll also learn self-defence techniques and many other valuable attributes.

O’Brien Icehouse

What if you want to get involved? The O’Brien Icehouse is the perfect location for the whole family. As you’ve probably guessed, this is an ice-skating rink, and a very good one at that. Whether you want to plan a birthday party or just a family outing, the ice rink will welcome you with open arms.

If none of the family has been skating before, there will be some stumbles and falls. If you teach your children how to fall safely (and keep hands close to the body), this is part of the fun. You never know, you might unlock a new talent in them.

Team Adrenalin

If you recognise this name, it’s because Team Adrenalin appeared on Australia’s Got Talent. Not far from Ascot Vale, Team Adrenalin is a gymnastics facility that your child will adore. There’s a focus on social skills as well as gymnastics, and this is something that all parents will appreciate. What’s more, they even have a free trial (so you can test the facility without paying a thing!).

Team Adrenalin offers free play sessions, classes, birthday parties, school holiday clinics, and even private lessons. The coaches have many years of training and experience, and your child will love the freedom (and fun!) that comes with gymnastics.

Victory Park

What if you don’t want to spend lots of money on classes, equipment, clothing, etc? In this case, take a short trip to Victory Park and the Essendon Community Playground. Although it might not be ideal for older kids, the younger ones will love the climbing frames. One of the best things about Victory Park is that the frames are more challenging than most parks, and this makes it more fun for many.

If you like visiting parks, others around Ascot Vale are Rothwell Park and Fairbairn Park.


Finally, if you want your child to get involved in a team sport, you’ll find plenty of soccer classes, summer schools, and clubs. When joining a club, they normally train and then play a fixture once per week. They get the social aspect of meeting new teammates as well as the fitness, competitive spirit, and fun of playing soccer each week.

Example organisations include Pascoe Vale FC, Moonee Valley Knights Soccer Club, and the Brazilian Soccer Schools.

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