Gaming Phones That You Can Buy

You have many options when it comes to gaming phones. In these kinds of devices, it is all about the specifications of the product. You want your smartphone to give you specs for gaming. As much as you can, you also do not want to give up a certain mobile device characteristic over some other attribute to balance budget and value. Here are the gaming phones that you can buy today.

What are the Gaming Phone To Buy Today

HONOR Magic5 Pro

One of the best gaming phones in the market is the HONOR Magic5 Pro. First of all, it is equipped with a flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The device also uses the HONOR boost engines so that it enhances the power and performance of the device. It also has a 5100mAh battery. Even in intense gaming, you will not feel incapable because of the longevity of the battery life. Another good feature of feature of the phone is the security that it offers to the user because of the Discrete Security Storage Chipset.

In terms of display, you get up to 1800 nits of peak brightness so that you can play games whether you are inside or outside the house. You also have a Super Dynamic vivid display, 1.07 billion colors, and 461 PPI pixel density. These specs will give you the gaming experience that you want from a device.

HONOR Magic5 Lite

If you want to save money but still want flagship specs, you can choose the HONOR Magic5 Lite. It has all the main features of the HONOR Magic5 Pro which you need for gaming. This device has a 120Hz refresh rate. This will reduce motion blur when your character moves or does some spectacular moves during gameplay. The phone also uses 1.07 billion colors so that the display is vivid to your eyes. The peak brightness is a little less than the pro version, around 800 nits. But it is fairly enough if you want to play with your device outside. The touch sampling rate of the HONOR Magic5 Lite is 300Hz, great for a gaming device. There is also sub-pixel fine control with the Magic5 Lite.

This phone also comes with a 5100mAh, the same size as the Magic5 Pro. You can play games with your device for long hours without recharging.


Another smartphone that you can use for gaming is the HONOR 90. It is regarded as the Best Buy Smartphone in 2023 by EISA. Although the phone is a midrange device, you will recognize that the features of this device far exceed the price point. The HONOR 90 has a curved screen. This makes it easy for you to grip the phone during gameplay. It is also thin and light, coming in at just 183 grams and 7.8mm thick.

The display of this device is AMOLED, at par with flagship devices. It also has 1.5K resolution and 435 PPI pixel density. The refresh rate of HONOR 90 is also 120Hz while its peak brightness is 1600 nits. The phone is equipped with a 5000mAh battery and also comes with a 66W SuperCharge capability.


The gaming phones should be capable of sustaining your games with without any delays, lags, or stoppage. They must also provide all the graphics levels that they need to show in order to make the whole gaming experience immersive and fun. HONOR offers you different phones based on your budget. With the HONOR Magic5 Pro, HONOR Magic5 Lite, and the HONOR 90, you are sure to have everything that you want your gaming phones to have without compromises.

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