Gelato feminized seeds

Gelato feminized seeds

Gelato feminized seeds give you a chance to grow an exquisitely sweet and sapid, high-THC, indica-dominant hybrid.

Gelato feminized imparts a powerfully euphoric and creative high that cements a permanent smile on your face. Its indica properties deliver a soothing sense of calm and relaxation that’s to die for.

What’s more, feminized Gelato seeds produce one of the most succulent and delicious strains around, packed with dessert and fruit flavors.

You’ll need some experience to make the most of this tricky little cultivar but stick with us to find out more. We’ll be giving you the lowdown on Gelato effects, fragrance, flavor, and genetic lineage.

We’ll also give you some advice to make growing Gelato feminized seeds as easy as possible. Read on for useful tips for both outdoor and indoor gardens and how you can maximize yields.

Let’s begin!

Gelato feminized seeds description

Breeders created feminized Gelato seeds to give home growers a stress-free experience and maximum yields.

Regular cannabis seeds can sprout into female or male plants. Male plants are useful for breeding purposes but don’t produce THC-bearing buds.

Male plants can also pollinate nearby females, negatively impacting your harvest. Flower production stops in pollinated female cannabis, and buds turn to seed.

Gelato feminized seeds come without a Y-chromosome. The result is virtually guaranteed female plants from every seed, helping to provide productive harvests.

Before we jump into the details on this tasty strain, take a look at this brief overview of the strain’s properties:

  • Seed Type: Gelato feminized seeds
  • Phenotype: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Genetic Background: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
  • THC: 14–20%
  • CBD: 0–2%
  • Flowering Time: 9–10 weeks
  • Effects: Creative, euphoric, relaxed, sedative
  • Flavor / Aroma: Sweet, fresh, and fruity
  • Indoor yield: 14–17.5 oz. / m²
  • Outdoor yield: 21 oz. / plant
  • Height: 2–3.25 feet
  • Grow Difficulty: Intermediate

Gelato feminized effects

Gelato feminized seeds develop into slightly indica-dominant but well-balanced plants. The weed delivers an intense serving of cerebral stimulation along with a deep dose of tranquil relaxation. Gelato is a perfect daytime or evening strain.

Within a few minutes of your first toke, a fast-acting, intense rush of euphoria overtakes the mind, instantly boosting mood. A sense of mental clarity and creative thought follows, making for an enjoyable high.

Moderate consumption leaves users sociable and chatty, making Gelato feminized a joy to share. Creative types will love the sense of heightened awareness and inspiration that weed grown from feminized Gelato seeds imparts.

While the heady mental buzz takes the spotlight, Gelato’s indica effects begin creeping in. A relieving sense of physical calm spreads through the body, steadily increasing in intensity. Continue smoking, and limbs become heavy, making moving from the couch a chore.

Plants sprouted from Gelato feminized seeds contain huge amounts of cannabinoids which provide the weed its powerful effects. Buds regularly test for 14–20% THC and 0–2% CBD.

Despite its innocent-sounding name, Gelato feminized packs a hell of a punch and may overwhelm less experienced smokers. High doses can distort the senses and possibly cause paranoia or anxiety.

Less severe side effects like red eyes, cottonmouth, or dizziness can affect users of all levels. You can combat these by watching how much you smoke and staying hydrated.

Gelato feminized flavors

One of the best features of the weed you can grow from Gelato feminized seeds is its delectable fragrance and flavor. As soon as the plants begin to flower, your garden will be awash with a complex, appealing scent.

Weed grown from feminized Gelato seeds exudes an exotic aroma that blends an earthiness with a raft of seductively sweet smells. Hints of cookies and sherbet mingle with fruity berry and citrus notes alongside floral undertones of mint and lavender.

The one-of-a-kind fragrance of Gelato is matched only by its drool-inducing flavor. The smooth, creamy smoke delivers an explosion of sweet and fruity tastes, mirroring its fragrance. Exhaling leaves behind a lingering sweet aftertaste with a touch of pine.

How to germinate Gelato feminized seeds

A lot of growers tend to stress about germinating their seeds successfully. What you need to remember is that germination is a simple, natural process. Once the right conditions are present, seeds normally germinate without issue.

We’re going to show you two easy ways to provide the right conditions for your Gelato fem seeds to sprout successfully.

Both of the methods below allow you to check on the germinating seeds without disturbing their progress easily.

First up, the paper towel method. Gather the following materials:

  • Some bottled or purified water
  • Paper towels
  • Two shallow plates
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Your feminized Gelato seeds

Once you have everything, follow these simple steps:

  1. Wet two paper towels with the bottled water, wringing out any excess liquid afterward.
  2. Take one of the plates and lay a wet towel on top. Take your seeds and place them on the towel, with a little space between each.
  3. Take a second wet towel and cover the Gelato feminized seeds. Pour off any excess water from the plate.
  4. Take the second plate and, turning it upside-down, cover the first one, closing the seeds inside. This helps create humidity around them.
  5. Place your enclosed seeds somewhere dark and warm. Check their progress every 12 hours, making sure the towels never dry out entirely.
  6. When the Gelato feminized seeds start showing taproots, use the tweezers to move them into their starting pots.

The second procedure only needs a glass and some bottled water. Follow these steps when ready:

  1. Add some water to the glass; half-full is enough.
  2. Throw the Gelato feminized seeds into the glass of water.
  3. Put the glass in a dark, warm place for 12 hours. Check on the seeds every 12 hours.
  4. Once you see a seed with a taproot, move it out of the glass and into a pot. Repeat for all your seeds; they may not all open at the same time.

All your feminized Gelato seeds should germinate in a couple of days. If your seeds don’t germinate after four or five days, they’re likely duds.

Pick either of the above germination methods, follow the steps, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Gelato feminized seeds grow information

You can grow Gelato feminized seeds indoors or out, in any medium, where they’ll thrive with careful management. This strain can be a bit temperamental and grows best in the hands of moderately experienced cultivators.

Grow your feminized Gelato seeds indoors in organic soil for a flavor boost, or use hydroponics for explosive growth. Either way, make sure the plants receive plenty of light, at least 600 watts. Monitor pH levels and maintain a consistently warm, dry environment.

As the plants move into their 9–10-week flowering period, trim away lower leaves to maximize airflow. You can maximize your yields when growing indoors by using a Sea of Green setup or low-stress training.

The compact plants grown from Gelato strain feminized seeds deliver impressive yields for their size. Expect to harvest 14–17.5 oz. / m² from a well-managed grow room.

Feminized Gelato seeds thrive outdoors in a warm, sunny location with a Mediterranean-style climate. They’ll still require careful management, but unrestricted growth produces even better yields under the right conditions.

Without environmental control, cultivators need to monitor the progress of their plants carefully. Prune regularly and consider using a foliar antibacterial spray to stave off infection. If you’re growing Gelato feminized seeds in the northern hemisphere, harvest by October.

Long, sun-filled summer days lead to bountiful al-fresco harvests. Under optimal conditions, you’ll be able to harvest up to a huge 21 oz. of tantalizingly tasty weed from every plant.

Gelato feminized seeds genetics

It took breeders a lot of time and hard work to finally get this strain stabilized. It’s sometimes known as Gelato #33, in reference to the many generations of breeding this phenomenal phenotype went through.

Gelato feminized seeds are the result of crossing two flavorful cultivars; Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The latter is a minty GSC phenotype, while Sunset Sherbet is a hybrid created from GSC and Pink Panties.

Feminized Gelato seeds contain a wealth of tasty genetics, so it’s no wonder the resulting weed is so damn delicious. Lots of indica genes also result in the plants’ shorter size.

You can check out the genetic table for Gelato feminized seeds right here:


Girl Scout Cookies  

Sunset Sherbet



Gelato feminized

Pink Panties
Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint GSC

Where to buy Gelato feminized seeds

Up until relatively recently, getting your hands on Gelato feminized seeds was next to impossible. Thankfully, you can now grow this cultivar from the comfort of home, although its availability may still be limited.

If seeds are state-legal where you live, you can check your local stores to see if they can set you up with some feminized Gelato seeds. Make sure to ask about their storage facilities before buying. Some smaller stores don’t always store their seeds properly.

You can find high-grade cannabis seeds in medicinal dispensaries. Keep in mind that going this route requires a medical certificate to buy anything. This can increase your cost and take time.

Why not get your Gelato feminized seeds online if you don’t feel like pounding the pavement or visiting doctors’ offices. Virtual seed banks offer the best choice of seeds and often at better prices than elsewhere.

Online stores can also provide valuable information on the strain you want to grow. Armed with the knowledge they provide, you’ll be growing like a pro. For an example, check out Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds page on Gelato strain feminized seeds.

For the ultimate sweet tooth

Delivering cerebral satisfaction and physical tranquility with a sensory overload of flavors, Gelato feminized is a supremely singular strain.

While growing feminized Gelato seeds needs a skilled hand, it’s a must-grow for flavor connoisseurs. Fulfill the plants’ needs and get through its long flowering period, and they’ll reward you handsomely with hauls of delectable bud.

If you feel confident in your skills and like your weed sweet, what are you waiting for? Get over to Homegrown Cannabis Co, grab a pack of Gelato feminized seeds, and get growing! Your tongue will thank you!

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