Get the Petlibro Capsule Fountain to Keep Pets Healthy and Hydrated

Get the Petlibro Capsule Fountain to Keep Pets Healthy and Hydrated

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Are you looking for a capsule fountain? Get a patented design capsule fountain from Petlibro that operates at a low noise keeping the surroundings peaceful. It has a 3.2-inch deep water tray that offers a continuous supply of water.

When the temperature is too high in summers, pets tend to drink more water, just like human beings. Do you want your furry friend to stay hydrated? Every pet parent wishes to do that, and for that, you must get the Petlibro Capsule Fountain (WF002). It is a convenient way to store water for pets so they can drink when required.

Review of the Product

Some people can keep a bowl or a running faucet for their pets. But pets may not notice at times and can drop them while moving from here and there. You can get the Petlibro capsule fountain that you can adjust according to the pet’s height. You will get a 15% discount by using the code (XCLO).

Read this content if you are interested to know the features of the product.


  • Easy To Clean: With a rounded-corner and sleek design, this Petlibro fountain is the best thing you can get for your pet. It helps in eliminating mold from the reservoir and is translucent. The fountain also permits you to track how much water is available through the translucent surface.
  • A Patented Design: Whether you choose a flowing stream or gentle bubbles, you can ensure that the water flow is smooth. Materials used in making the product support the flow of water consistently.


The Petlibro Capsule Fountain is a great product, and you can also get the 2L size which is quite bigger compared to the other products in the market. However, you might have to change the water at regular intervals, and that’s the only point we would mention here.


The features that make our product better in comparison with competitors are:

●     Naturally Tempting: The Petlibro capsule fountain comes with powerful filtration that eliminates debris, hairs, heavy metals, mold, etc. It purifies the water so your pet can drink fresh water and has a high capacity.

●     Designed To Keep The Pet In Mind: The product is designed to keep convenience in mind so your pets will never feel any discomfort. From the depth of the water tray, the amount of space, to other specific details, you will not find anything inappropriate about it. That’s why you must consider buying the Petlibro capsule fountain for your pet.


●    How much should I expect my cat to drink per day with a capsule fountain?

The water intake of a cat depends on its weight. So you have to find out its weight first.

●    How to clean a capsule pet fountain?

Remove all parts carefully and then wash it and use a dishwasher to clean it.

●    How to use a capsule fountain with two cats?

Yes, two cats can drink water from a single capsule fountain.

●    How to get my cat to use a capsule fountain?

Keep the water only on a capsule fountain and nowhere else and train cats to have it from there.

●    How long should it take a cat to empty a capsule fountain?

Again, it depends on the amount of water your cat can drink.

●    How to stop cats from playing with a capsule fountain?

You must strictly train them and scold them when they drop the device or start playing. In that way, you can make them learn about the use and importance of the device.

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