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Get Your New Dining Set Today

Get Your New Dining Set Today

If you’re thinking about buying a new dining set, you may be putting off the purchase because of the high prices you see at many retail locations. Keep in mind that these retailers have lots of overhead costs to cover. That means the furniture is priced higher so they can make a profit and pay all of the third parties they employ to get the furniture to you.

Shopping online will help you find much better deals than you would with a traditional retailer. Before you start browsing, you want to make sure you take the room’s measurements. You don’t want to fall in love with a dining set, only to realize it’s too big or small for the space.

Ceiling heights and hanging fixtures will play a part in determining the height of the table. Standard height tables work well in rooms with lower ceilings or where light fixtures or ceiling fans will sit above the table. Dining rooms with tall ceilings are made for counter height tables. The set complements the elongated walls well and does not overwhelm the space.

Next, you want to think about who will use the table and what it’s being used for. Choosing the right material is just as important as picking the correct size. Besides eating, will you set your laptop up on the table and complete work tasks or participate in a little online shopping? If you have children, will they use the table to complete homework? Will their science projects or artsy class assignments be done in this space?

If so, you’ll want something that’s easily cleaned and sturdy. You want the table’s lifespan to belong, so it needs to hold up to the everyday wear-and-tear any household will put it through. Wood is the most popular choice because of the material’s longevity and durability. The finishes used on the wood usually make cleaning a minimal chore, and the same is true of the chairs.

Speaking of chairs, do you want something upholstered? What about arms? If you have a counter height table, what kind of stools do you want? Do you want the stool to have back support? Should they swivel?

Chairs take a beating as they are constantly being pulled and pushed. There’s always at least one family member who loves to lean back, balancing the chair on its back legs, treating their stationery seat like a rocking chair. Keep these things in mind and choose the right style for your household’s lifestyle.

If you’re looking for quality, then go now: https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/dining/dining-sets to find dining furniture sets that meet your standards. There’s an array of dining sets from different well-known brand names. Shop Signature Design by Ashley, Steve Silver, Liberty Furniture, and more; you won’t be disappointed.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the extremely low prices on such high-quality dining sets. You can save up to 75% off if you purchase with 1Stop. Why? Because they don’t have exorbitant overhead costs or middlemen, they need to pay to get the furniture from the warehouse to you. Instead, they make deals with the manufacturers and pass the savings on to you.

This is why you’ll see sets you may have seen on other sites for less when you shop here. And they stand behind their prices with their low-cost price-match guarantee. That’s right, if you find the exact dining set on another website or at a retail location for less, contact them to receive a price adjustment on your order.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also coupons offered on the website that you may be able to apply to your order. On top of that, free in-home shipping is available for all customers. Still not convinced you can afford to make the purchase right now? Then apply for a financing plan and make small monthly payments on your order.

You also have the option of speaking to a design specialist for a free consultation if you have any questions regarding the dining set and its features. This will help you decide which is best for your household. So don’t wait any longer; visit the site and make your purchase today.

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