Great Marketing Careers in Education You Should Know About

Great Marketing Careers in Education You Should Know About

The right kind of marketing is absolutely essential for any kind of business. Marketing helps businesses promote their services and generate revenue.

Marketing has evolved as businesses have shifted from conventional marketing to digital marketing. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the demand for marketing representatives. Individuals with the right marketing skills are hard to ignore.

Businesses need individuals who can take the company to high profiting levels. With the evolving nature of business, new fields are cropping up that are expanding our career choices.

Talking about marketing in general, there are many great marketing careers that you should know about if you are thinking about pursuing this line of work.

Here are 10 great marketing careers that you should look into.


The best thing you can do for yourself is start your own business and be your own boss. People well-versed in marketing tactics can quickly create a business, and can implement strategies that will get their business up and running in no time.

Marketers know what is it exactly that is required to build a business from the ground up, giving them an obvious edge over the entrepreneurs with no marketing experience.

Once your business starts to grow, entrepreneurs can indeed look to expand the operations and increase profits.


Copywriters write clear and concise ad copies for marketing campaigns and websites. It is a role that commands great value in any organization. Copywriting is a very lucrative career choice with chances of netting huge profits.

However, for business acumen, marketing strategies, and marketing basics, you’ll have to earn a degree, like the General Master of Business Administration Degree, which will expand your marketing knowledge that you can then apply into writing persuasive copies for ads.

 3-Human Resources: 

Human resources is not just about hiring and firing people, or handling their payrolls and dealing with other financial and human resources aspects. It has now expanded to incorporate other responsibilities as well.

A marketer, with human resources background, can help the department up the hiring rate through cleverly placed job postings. Leveraging marketing and marketing tools, these marketers are able to attract the right talent to any organization they work in.

Human resource personnel also contribute their services in handling office affairs by coming up with new employee policies that aim to increase productivity. A human resources job can be lucrative as well as fulfilling.

The human resource and marketing partnership can take the organization to high levels of proficiency, and the marriage of the two can actually prove to be a game-changer if executed properly.

 4-Non-profit Management:

A lesser-known career for marketers is in the non-profit management industry. As non-profit organizations aim to raise funds and donations to support their respective causes, they require services of a good marketer to attract donors.

The marketer’s job within the non-profit management includes creating promotions, spreading the organization’s message, creating awareness, and then going on to presenting them with a persuasiveness that seeks to convince readers to open their wallets and purses and make generous donations.

Marketing jobs in nonprofit organizations, contrary to what might be believed, pay really well, which is an added incentive on top of the contentment that comes with serving the less privileged.

5-Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, due to ubiquity of the Internet, has become the new norm. It is not only a more convenient and feasible marketing medium but it also has greater reach.

Organizations now choose to promote and offer services on their online platforms to capitalize on the widespread adoption and usage of internet tools.

In a digital marketer’s capacity, you will hold the reins to a company’s social media accounts and tailor your marketing strategies to the platforms in order to convey the company’s messages to the audience.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even TikTok now have become the main marketing platforms used by companies all over.

6-Event Planning:

Corporate events, weddings, reunions, sporting events, ceremonies, and many other types of events take place every day, and they don’t happen without an event planner. You can be a part of the event planning team, as a marketer is essential for the promotion of such events.

You are required to promote the events, whip up the hype around them, and, most importantly, convince the public to participate. Companies organizing events usually rely on the sale of tickets to make up for their spending costs.

7-Education Sector: 

Educational institutes have cropped up everywhere, and due to the intensifying of the competition for student enrollment between them, they have to outdo the others in a bid to thrive.

Marketing for the education sector requires that you present the positive side of the institution to prospective enrollers. This means making brochures, writing campaigns, announcing admissions, using social media to spread awareness about the institution, and compiling prospectuses.

8-Brand Manager: 

To be a successful brand manager, you need to learn about each and every aspect of the brand you are promoting. Your responsibilities will include carrying out marketing, advertising, and product development in order to reach the desired audiences and achieve goals.

A background in marketing will give you the opportunity to carry out tasks in branding efficiently. The job of a brand manager is lucrative than most other professions highlighted in this article.

9-Public Relations Expert: 

A good consumer-producer relationship is extremely important for growth of any organization, as the customers’ feedback can be worked into policy reviews, product enhancements, and brand imaging.

A public relations expert handles press releases on behalf of the company, improves the company’s image, and bridges gaps in communication between the company’s policies and message and the audience expectations.

10-Sales Manager:  

The sales department is one of the most important departments in any organization, and if the sales department works efficiently, properly marketing the product or service, then the whole business thrives.

As a sales manager, you and your team will be responsible for raking in the revenues for the organizations. Sales has one of the highest salaries among marketing professionals, and it is a skill that is indispensable for any business.


Marketing is a great skill to master and one of the most well-paid ones out there. We live in a competitive world, where a lot of things are vying for our attention, and if you want to monopolize your audience’s attention spans then you have got to use proper, effective marketing strategies. Every business’ success rests on the shoulders of a well-formulated marketing plan.

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