Grey Feathers: What’s the Spiritual Significance?

Are colors spiritual?

A lot of people believe that they can be. After all, we live in a world full of color, and each hue delivers a different message. The bright yellow sun brings us cheer, and the deep blue ocean calms our minds.

However, not all messages are something that we immediately know. Sometimes, you have to do a little research to find out what a color is trying to tell you.

For instance, perhaps you’re noticing that grey feathers have been a theme in your life lately. Maybe you’re seeing actual feathers when you’re outside, or maybe there’s gray feather decor around you. Whatever the case may be, there could be a message behind the color.

What is the symbolism of feathers, especially gray ones? Read on to find out!

Spirituality of a Feather

Do you believe in angels? Feathers have been closely linked to the presence of angels for a very long time. It’s believed that when feathers appear, there are angels near. It makes sense when you think about how angels are.

Feathers are delicate and strong, just like angels. They also have an ethereal nature, making it easy to link them to a celestial being.

You can think of feathers as a sacred gift from above. It’s a way of showing that your prayers are being heard. All of your deepest desires are acknowledged.

When you start noticing feathers popping up in your everyday life, someone in the spirit world is likely thinking of you. They are taking action to keep you safe while also empowering your purpose. The next time you see a feather, imagine an angel standing near you. An angel that wants you to know you’re safe and loved.

What Grey Feathers Mean

What do gray feathers mean? There’s more than one interpretation of grey feathers’ spiritual meaning. One of the most popular beliefs is that gray feathers represent peace.

In general, feathers always represent peace. However, gray is exceptionally creative in its ability to compromise. We often say that life isn’t white and black. Gray feathers are there to remind us of the power of compromise and peace.

Gray is the perfect mediator, lying directly between the polar opposite colors of white and black. Another interpretation is that gray feathers mean insight and empathy. Using the same line of thinking that life isn’t white and black, neither is morality.

In other words, you can’t see things as good and evil; it’s not that simple. Death might seem like a bad tragedy, but could we have beginnings without end?

Gray feathers ask us to push past our intuitive feelings and reach deeper into the well of empathy. Only through compassion and insight can we finally start to see the world as it is.

Bad guys aren’t really bad, and good guys aren’t perfect. We’re all spirits, going through a human experience together.

African Grey Tail Symbolism

Do you know what your spirit animal is? Parrots can make a powerful spirit guide; they can also work well as a totem. If you’re thinking about owning a parrot, we suggest looking into getting an African gray tail. You’ll be getting one of the most intelligent birds and benefiting from some intense spiritual guidance.

Parrots are sharp and have incredible minds. As creatures corresponding with the air element, they can help you be more perceptive.
Invoking the power of your parrot can help you whenever you’re starting to revert to unhealthy behaviors.

Perhaps you’re reclusive or dismissive. Just spending time around your parrot can help influence you to become more social.
You might start to notice you have the right words to start conversations when you would generally be nervous. You may also see an increase in your creative and artistic energies.

Parrots are all about expression, and it’s no wonder that African gray tail could help you learn how to express yourself.
If you’ve never owned a bird before, you’ll want to start with the beginner-level parrot. Then you can graduate to an African gray tail when you’re ready.

There’s a lot of great tips online for caring for these Einstein-minded spiritual warriors. Be sure to do all of your research before committing to bringing an African gray into your life.

Blue and White Feathers

Gray feathers aren’t the only ones that hold spiritual meaning. You can also learn a lot from the messages blue and white feathers have to deliver.

What is the white feather meaning? It’s all about protection and love. If you’re going through a hard time, and you come across a white feather, it’s a message of hope. A reminder that whatever negative situation you’re dealing with can be washed away by the love of the Divine.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the Divine, the universe, or God. As long as it’s a power higher than yourself, you’ll find guidance. It’s a way of understanding that you don’t have to handle everything; cut yourself some slack. Let your higher power fix the problems outside of your control, so you can focus on being the awesome person you are.

Blue Feathers

Next, a blue feather means that you need to pay attention. Perhaps you’re neglecting a talent of yours, and it’s causing you pain. Blue asks you to notice what your heart and soul are telling you. If you come across the blue feather, it’s time to become more spiritually self-aware.

Embarking on a Spiritual Journey

Now you know how to harness the spiritual messages that grey feathers could be sending you. Pay attention to what your heart is telling you, and feel the love from outside of yourself. Feathers are never there to tell you something upsetting or scary.

Instead, whether the feather is gray, white, or even blue, it’s only there to bring goodness into your life. Take a moment to write down one thing you learned from this article today so that it can stay close to your heart. For more tips, look at the rest of our site.

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