Guide for buying medicine online from Truemeds

Guide for buying medicine online from Truemeds

Buying medicine online has become a trend for a few years now. People opt for medicine delivery apps instead of going to local pharmacies. There are tonnes of medicine delivery apps available to buy medicines.

Among these medicine delivery apps in India, one app that always stands out is Truemeds.

Truemeds is for buying medicine online conveniently in India. It sells quality and affordability with its medicines. It is the only app among several medicine delivery apps that assure a legit discount on medicines by up to 72%.

This reliable healthcare is chosen more than other medicine delivery apps because:

  • Truemeds is made for the convenience of everyone. You will always receive medicines at your convenience irrespective of who you are and where you live.
  • It always takes a few minutes to order medicines from the app.
  • The app for buying medicine online always asks for a valid prescription before checking out.
  • It sells 100% quality CDSCO approved medicines from the top 30 medicine makers. Thus, there are several choices in medicines of the same active ingredient.
  • Truemeds provides a free consultation with doctors to its customers. The doctors are experienced and help with every issue related to health.
  • It delivers medicines at your doorstep safely and sanitized.
  • It even provides cash-on-delivery and free home delivery-like options to its customers.
  • Truemeds’ customer service is supportive and understanding. It resolves the issues as soon as possible. Thus, the app is great in returns and refunds of medicines.

This registered app (RoC-Kanpur) is great for buying medicine online compared to other medicine delivery apps in India.

The app is simple to use. You can easily order medicines from Truemeds by following these simple steps:

  • Open your app. Go to the search option to search for your medicine.

You can directly order medicines by uploading the prescription on the app. If you do not have the prescription, do not worry. The doctors will call you to ask for the details. Also, if you have other queries related to your health or medicines, simply ask them.

  • There are several options for a single medicine, so take your time when choosing your medicine.

Truemeds always offer discounts on medicines with a minimum of 20%. This means you can save a good amount of money from the app. It even offers various discounts, promo codes, coupons, or rewards to its customers. So, you can save more money!

  • Add your chosen medicine to the cart and proceed to the bill. Then, add your address and choose a payment option to pay for the medicines.

You can choose the cash-on-delivery option for your convenience. There are several options available for the payment. Choose one according to your convenience.

  • After choosing the option for payment, your order is completed.

You will receive your medicines within 72 hours safely. In case of any issue, Truemeds has great customer support to handle the issue. So, you can easily resolve your issues with the help of customer support.

Truemeds is an easy-to-use and convenient app for everyone, even if the customer is new to the online world.

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