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Are you new to the online sports betting world? If you are an Indian player and wondering how to enjoy online sports betting in India, then you are in the right place. Starting with online sports betting might be difficult for starters. But if you get the right guide, then you can learn in no time. Here we will get to know about online sports betting and how to start. First, let’s get into the details of online sports betting websites. 

How to start playing online sports betting?

Playing online sports betting is simple and easy. First, you will have to choose the right betting site, and then the user has to open an account with them. 

Firstly, you will have to choose an online sports betting website that accepts players from India. Then, you will have to visit the website to create your account. The website will require you to put some personal details during account registration, including a contact address, email address, name, password, username, and many more.

Brief about online sports betting

Nowadays, mobile technology and the internet have transformed our daily activities. Online sports betting are also not excluded. In India, users have experienced massive growth in smartphone users. There are more than 700 million active users in India now. The number is rising day by day, and this is the main reason for the online sports betting popularity in India.

The online betting websites combine the features of mortar and brick betting with the experience of gambling online. Due to this, the popularity of online betting is rising day by day. In addition, online sports betting are becoming more popular to enjoy in a pandemic.

How to choose the best online sports betting website? 

There are numerous sports betting websites on the internet, but you will have to choose the best one. Here are some tips to follow in choosing the best website. 

  • Legality

You will have to make sure that the sports betting site is licensed and regulated by relevant authorities. You can even check the reviews of multiple websites online through the store you are downloading. You can also check numerous review sites to check out the authenticity of the betting site. This factor needs to be considered in markets where online sports betting are becoming legal nowadays. Sports betting websites such as http://22bet.co.ke/line follows the rules and regulations by the authority. Therefore, choosing a licensed website is essential in this segment. 

Live or In-Play betting

Most betting websites, such as http://22bet.co.ke/line, allow users to place their bets after the race or match has started. The leading betting websites offer odds that are longer or shorter. It depends on the game. 

Look out for deposit bonuses

Most sports betting websites offer a deposit bonus, which is a cash bonus. It can be used to get some discount while joining the matches. However, many websites provide a fixed amount of money instead of a deposit bonus. They also provide the login bonus in the form of free bets. 


Sports betting websites are becoming very popular day by day. In a pandemic, people need some entertainment, and they are choosing sports betting sites. It comes with many surprises and prizes if they manage to win. Therefore, it is essential to select licensed betting websites. 

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