11 Powerful Hacks to Help with Your College Papers

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Writing a college paper is one of the hardest things students have to do in school. Your essay not only shows others who you are but also determines the grade that you’ll get at the end of the semester. Therefore, it’s understandable to get stressed out. However, don’t allow negative mental states to stop you from doing the work.

In this short guide, we are going to discuss several steps that you will use in the paper writing process to help you figure out what you need to do to achieve your academic goals quickly and easily. After reading this article, you’ll have everything you’ll need to create an effective and fantastic college paper.

1.    Set aside two or more days to work on your paper

Most students procrastinate and leave their essays until the eleventh hour. This is a terrible thing to do to yourself. You’ll have to rush to complete it on time and you won’t have time to revise it and correct errors. Since you won’t spend several weeks writing your paper, the best way to get the work done is by spending at least one day writing the paper and the second day revising and editing it. Two days is the minimum. The more time you put into writing and revising your paper, the better you’ll perform. You need to know the college papers (finals and mid-term) in your school that demand a lot of time.

2.    Start with an outline

Successful students always start their papers by writing out the thesis statement and listing the main points. It is a simple process that will save you a lot of time in the long run. Outlining will help you think through your points and ensure that all points flow logically into each other. It will keep you on track and help you achieve your goals easily. Think of an outline as a map or a guide. Never start writing your essay without an outline.

3.    Eliminate distractions

When writing essays, most students will use different kinds of distractions to postpone working on their essays. Distractions are the biggest killers of productivity. If you want to get your work done, you’ll need to turn off the television, put your phone away, turn off email and social media notifications on your computer and inform your family and friends about your writing plans in advance to avoid interruptions. You can also consider downloading productivity apps that will help you spend most of your time working on your paper. Eliminating distractions will pay off in spades. For more, visit:

4.    Write your intro and conclusion last

The intro and conclusion are the most difficult paragraphs to write. Therefore, if you struggle with essay writing, it would be best to work on other sections first. The introduction and conclusion paragraphs are supposed to introduce your thesis and main points and summarize them. Therefore, you need to work on these two sections after you’ve written the body section. When you start writing the introduction and conclusion, don’t work yourself so much. Most students usually don’t have ideas on what they should write about. You need to keep in mind that the intro section proposes the topic and sets up your essay’s background. On the other hand, the conclusion summarizes the most important points. The conclusion is just a summary of your entire paper. Therefore, you need to tie the intro and concluding paragraphs together by using the same opening and closing statements.

5.    Take short breaks

To boost your productivity and performance, you need to take short breaks regularly while writing your essay. You should consider taking a break between every paragraph or after working on two or three. You don’t want to work for hours without taking a break. Taking a break allows your mind to recover lost energy and generate new ideas. It also helps in giving perspective on what you’ve been working on. If the project is overwhelming, this will be the ideal time to switch subjects and work on a different assignment. During your break, you can listen to music, go for a short walk, meditate or watch your favorite TV series. However, don’t get carried away and forget about your essay.

6.    Refer to the guidelines regularly

Most college papers usually have guidelines that your professor expects you to meet. Some will have an outline prepared for you to follow. Others will have a list of sources that you should use as you write your paper. Always refer to the guidelines to avoid losing track and easting a lot of time in the long run.

7.    Use class materials before going online

When you are writing your essay, it’s important to use class materials to find information before looking it up on the web. Using your textbook and notes shows your tutor that you know the material and pay attention in class.

8.    Avoid using complex words

You might be tempted to use  complex words to sound more educated on the topic that you are writing about. However, using these words increases the risk of them not fitting your intended definition. Plus, they will make it harder for readers to grasp your message.

9.    Format your paper

Instead of wasting hours formatting your paper – adjusting the text size, spacing, and choosing font before writing your paper, consider doing it after the writing process. You should format your paper after correcting all the errors.

10. Get help

Most students have a hard time revising their papers and correcting them. To ensure that your paper is completely free of errors, you should consider getting professional help from essay writing companies or having your friend or supervisor read your paper.

11. Remember your style guide

Your paper needs to follow a specific style such as APA or MLA formatting. If you’ll use outside sources, ensure that you cite them correctly. Pay attention to the format to avoid losing points.


Writing college papers doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By managing your time effectively and following the tips that we’ve discussed, you will achieve your goals quickly.

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