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Hamptons Style Living Room Decor Ideas

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In recent years one home design style is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. We’re talking about Hampton style interiors! People around the world get fascinated by this unique interior design. No matter how far you live from the iconic Hamptons’ shoreline and coastal Long Island, you can enjoy this in your home. How? By incorporating some of the Hamptons Style decors in your home. Whether you’re looking for living room decorating ideas or want to spice up your bedroom, this interior design will never disappoint you.

Why is Hamptons Style so popular? What’s so special about this interior design? 

Hampton’s style is elegant, timeless, and it evokes a sense of enduring beauty and luxury. You‘ll get mesmerized by its simplicity and livability and feel relaxed and comfortable at the same time. All the qualities make this style so special, and that’s why many people are falling head over heels in love.

So, what is a Hampton’s style? Hampton’s style interiors are all about light, bright, and sophisticated decors that bring beachy vibes in an effortless and calming way. This interior design includes spacious and open spaces with generous proportions.

Does this interior style also capture your attention? Do you want to include Hamptons Style in your home interiors? If your answer is yes, below are five simple and easy ways to create a perfect Hamptons Style living room. Include these styling home furnishing ideas and get a chic interior-styled living room on a budget.

Here are the top 5 decorating ideas and tips to achieve Hamptons inspired living room:

1. Mix of Soft and Bold Blue

One of the most important things of any interior style is the base colors or an overall theme for the space. In Hamptons style interiors, the main color palette is blue. You can include soft and bold shades of blue in various ways. Include lace, florals, ceramics, and glass textures to give a character and depth to tour space.

You can either go with one large accent decor art or use small decor pieces in blue colors that complement your living room. Both ways, your living room will look visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Elegant Furnishings          

The next step is to select your furnishings. Hampton style is all about having comfortable, luxe furniture with softly cushioned seating. So, look at these elements while finalizing your furniture pieces.

Go with huge high-quality furniture like wonderful lamps, enormous couches, and glass coffee stools. You can see these modern coffee tables for your living area. All these tables and other furniture will look modern in your room, and they’re also highly practical and functional.

3. Light and Fresh Textures

For a modern touch, try to include various types of light textures in your living room. This will add a sense of freshness and a stylish look to your space. From delicate textural wallpapers to pillows with patterns and comfy rugs, you can use textures in various decors.

Put a cozy rug under your large linen sofa, and lastly, put some fluffy cushions. Lastly, add some decors in blue accents that complement other elements as well. The clear sightlines and natural light with the uninterrupted flow are also integral parts of the Hamptons-style.

4. Create Cozy Layers

Do you know what makes a Hamptons living room effortlessly cozy and chic? Layers! Yes, try to add as many layers in your space to get the perfect Hamptons interiors.

Adding multiple layers in different ways will create an interesting visual effect that instantly draws attention. You can put rugs and throw pillows in various textures, shapes, and patterns. All these elements will bring a warm and comfy feel and make your room more inviting.

5. Metal Infusion

Indeed, Hamptons Style is majorly about soft upholstery and comfy large furnishings, but there are also some bold decors in this style. You can bring unique or unexpected twists to this design with the help of metal decors.

All you need is to be creative. Use metal chandeliers, wall-mounted lamps, and other lighting options to get a balanced and trendy look.


After reading this blog, now you know how to create a perfect Hamptons style living room. It doesn’t matter whether you live close to or far from the sea; you can still enjoy the same bright, breezy, and natural feel in your home.

This classic and elegant trend will instantly change the ambiance and appearance of your space. So follow all the above tips and ideas and make your dream Hamptons-inspired living area.

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