Healing Tips For a Smooth Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise, and it’s expected to continue gaining popularity in the years ahead. Breast augmentation is among the most popular procedures in this realm with hundreds of thousands being performed each year. While this has become a common procedure, proper recovery is essential for optimal results. Take a look at the following tips for a smooth recovery after breast augmentation surgery.

Always Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

One of the most important tips for successfully recovering from breast augmentation is to follow your doctor’s post-surgical instructions to the letter. Those instructions may vary slightly from one surgeon to the next, but some recommendations are universal. Those may include avoiding underwire and push-up bras, taking short showers instead of baths, and sleeping with your back elevated to name a few.

You may be given a compression bra or other types of support garments to wear after the surgery to reduce swelling and foster healing. Your surgeon will instruct you on when and how to wear it. All these instructions are crucial for proper healing, so be sure to pay close attention to them.

Incision Care

Taking care of your incisions after breast augmentation is also important. Keep the incision sites clean and dry. Wash them gently with warm water, but avoid scrubbing. Pat them dry afterward. It’s best not to use peroxide or alcohol as those can interfere with healing. Gentle cleansing and keeping the incisions dry will help prevent infections, irritation, and other issues. Your surgeon may recommend topical medications or other measures for minimizing scarring as the incisions heal.

Rest and Avoid Strenuous Activities

Getting plenty of rest is essential for a smooth recovery, too. You may be advised to relax in bed for several hours after surgery. Avoid strenuous activities as well, such as heavy lifting, operating a vacuum cleaner, and vigorous exercise. Strenuous activities could lead to excessive bleeding and detract from the results of the procedure. You may need to have a friend or family member help you for the first few days after surgery to avoid those problems. 

Nutrition and Hydration

Staying hydrated and getting adequate nutrition after breast augmentation surgery are crucial. Take in plenty of protein, and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Try to cut back on salt intake because excessive salt can cause unnecessary swelling. Alcohol and smoking can hamper healing, so those should be avoided.

Keep Pain and Discomfort Under Control

It’s common to experience some pain and discomfort after breast augmentation surgery. Your surgeon will most likely prescribe pain medications, but be sure to take them as directed. Don’t place ice or a heating pad directly on the skin, and don’t use either for more than 10 minutes every couple of hours or so. Both could damage your skin and interfere with healing.  

Be Patient

Finally, it’s important to be patient after the surgery. Final results won’t be evident at first, but don’t get frustrated. After the swelling and bruising diminish, the results will become more noticeable. Stay positive and keep the long-term effects in mind. If you begin to feel discouraged, don’t hesitate to reach out to your cosmetic surgeon’s office or loved ones for emotional support.

Enjoying a Successful Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Recovery takes time after breast augmentation surgery, but you can help foster the process. Follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions, and get plenty of rest. Eat well, stay hydrated, and avoid strenuous activities. Use the medications your doctor prescribes to keep pain and discomfort in check. Be sure to attend follow-up appointments, and don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you notice any signs of infection. All these measures can help ensure a smooth, successful recovery and optimal results.

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