Here Are 6 of the Best Local SEO Companies According to Google

Here Are 6 of the Best Local SEO Companies According to Google

Dealing with local search engine optimization can be a significant challenge. SEO practices alone are already confusing. It’s even more difficult if it includes efforts to target local audiences. The good thing is that the company doesn’t have to deal with every aspect alone. Google’s best local SEO company can help. Outsourcing these services is the smartest thing to do since it prevents starting everything from scratch. Below are six of the top search engine optimization companies that can help with local SEO campaigns.

1. Ignite Visibility 

When it comes to awards and recognitions, this agency is among the most decorated. It became a three-time 5000 company from 2017-2019, proving excellence in the field. There are over 90 full-time employees working with the agency. It focuses on email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and paid searches. It offers and all-around service, and is even better for local businesses. Their local SEO strategies are topnotch, and managed to help several companies succeed. A few years ago, it helped a local storage company. With their attention to details, the website received an increase in traffic by 10% and an 80% bounce rate decrease. Partnering with this agency guarantees full attention. Ignite Visibility doesn’t stop until the business achieved its goals. There’s no doubt that big brands like Doordash and Fix Auto USA were among the clients.

2. BrightLocal

For local businesses, this agency is an excellent choice. It can provide the tools needed for managing local SEO tasks. It also offers sophisticated services, including citation building and manual submission. The agency also takes pride in providing software services that can boost the company’s brand awareness. Among its famous clients are IKEA and Valvoline. With the affordability of this company, it’s a popular choice among small business owners.

3. Thrive agency

Thrive agency highlights being a results-driven company. It offers a wide range of services, including pay-per-click marketing, link building, white label services, technical SEO, web design, content writing, and local SEO. There’s no question behind the popularity of this business. According to previous clients, they felt satisfied with the overall experience. The experts working with the team are also passionate and dedicated to helping small business owners succeed. Thrive agency has been around since 2005, and it uses different online marketing tactics to help businesses.

The agency is also award-winning, and it received recognition from top award-giving bodies in the digital industry.

Apart from getting the digital marketing services, supporting Thrive is also a way of supporting nonprofit organizations. The agency assists people who need microloans to start their businesses. They also extended help to different local communities around the world. It feels great to help an agency that pays it forward.

4. WebFx 

This performance-based digital marketing agency helps in increasing qualified leads. They also conduct phone calls and set transactions with clients. The company has been around several years now. It’s one of the earliest digital marketing companies available. From SEO to web design, this company is worth trusting. One of its notable projects is with an organization dealing with people suffering from substance abuse issues. The agency helped redevelop the website and communicate a clear message. Therefore, the substance abuse facility increased its demands and brought more profits. Apart from this success, the agency also worked with other notable clients like FujiFilm and Wrangler.

5. Straight North

This agency has been around since 1997. It provides full services related to internet marketing. The expert specializes in SEO and PPC. It also offers web design and graphic design services. Another reason for working with this team is that it has over 100 employees. It means that if there are issues with the agreed details, someone else from the team can take over. Getting things done won’t be a problem. The agency also follows a more collaborative approach in working with clients. They make it easy for their partners to see their views through. With unparalleled technical expertise and execution of marketing campaign plans, Straight North is undoubtedly a reliable choice. The agency also offers a transparent report. It’s easier to trust the experts to deliver. Daily Herald and Hub Group are among the top clients.

6. Social SEO 

This agency is the top digital marketing firm in the US. It’s on top for excellent in execution. With a wide variety of strategies used, Social SEO remains the most reliable option. The good thing about the agency is that it works with the clients from the start. The plan came from scratch, and the client has a voice in the process. The agency even managed to help a company move its traffic up by 1000%.

Finding the right choice

The search for Google’s best local SEO company is more challenging than it seems. There are several options available, and all of them could be the right partner. However, there are qualities to consider before deciding whom to work with.

  • Reputation. These online marketing agencies depend on reputation to attract more clients. If they received glowing reviews and strong testimonials, it’s a good sign. It shows that people felt satisfied with what they received.
  • Ability to work with other businesses. This is also another quality to look into. Some marketing agencies have ironclad ethics and are transparent with their work. Speaking of transparency, it helps to work with an agency that offers detailed progress reports. It allows the business to decide if the partnership will move forward. If it’s no longer worth the price, the partnership may terminate.
  • Updated strategies and tactics. Local SEO changes all the time. The practices that work today might no longer be relevant tomorrow. The lack of effort in updating the tactics is a red flag. It’s also a reason why agencies that have been in the industry for a long time are reliable. They won’t last this long without evidence of success.

Google’s best local SEO company is worth the price

After going through the different agencies available, it’s time to make the decision. The good thing is that some of these options offer a free trial. It allows business owners to think about the initial services received and decide if they’re worth pursuing. Note that Google’s best local SEO company will never settle for anything less.

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