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Here’s Why A Smart Fan’s Price Should Not Be Your Most Important Buying Criterion

Here’s Why A Smart Fan’s Price Should Not Be Your Most Important Buying Criterion

If you ask us whether it’s worth replacing your old ceiling fan with a smart fan, our answer would be “Without a doubt, YES”. Recently, there’s been a new trend wherein people are replacing their traditional ceiling fans with the new IOT enabled smart ceiling fans. And considering the increasing popularity of smart fans, almost every popular fan brand is introducing their smart fan versions. In fact, the day may not be far when traditional fans may go redundant and all you would see in the market are these IOT enabled smart fans. So if you too have been smitten by this recent trend and are thinking of bringing home a smart ceiling fan then here’s a post that tells you everything that you should know before ordering a ceiling fan and why you shouldn’t simply be fixated on the smart fan price when you make a buying decision.

Why Buy One?

One word. Convenience. One of the main reasons smart fans have become so popular is the convenience these fans offer. Most IOT enabled smart fans come with smart control features that allow users to control their ceiling fans from wherever they are. These fans can be controlled with a remote, or with a smartphone. Some fans can even be controlled by voice assistant devices such as Alexa. If you are looking for a fan that has all these control options then you can go for the Audie smart fan by Luminous India.

What Factors You Should Consider When Buying a Smart Fan

As we mentioned earlier, several fan manufacturers are introducing their own range of smart fans. Since budget is an important factor when buying a smart fan or any other device, those people with a limited budget often tend to go for those smart fans that are cheaper. But that’s not advisable because there are a lot of unrecognized manufacturers that are selling smart ceiling fans, in the market, at very cheap rates but it would be hard to comment if they are manufacturing and selling quality products. So to bring home the best smart ceiling fan here are a few factors you should consider.


The benefit of buying from a reputable brand is that you can be assured about the quality of the product and about the after-sales service. In fact, we advise that even if a branded product is available at a premium price, you should opt for the branded product. For example, when buying a smart ceiling fan you can consider the Audie from Luminous India.

Other important factors and features

Besides brand you should consider other important factors and features such as

  • Performance Factors – It depends on several factors such as Air Delivery, Blade Shape, Fan Speed and more
  • Design – If you are looking for a fan that goes with your home decor then you must consider the fan’s design. You can opt for a ceiling fan from Luminous India as they have a wide variety of fans available in beautiful designs.
  • Other Features – These days fans come with a lot of other features such as anti-dust or dust repellant feature, LED lighting and more. Do check out fans from different brands to find out which one has the most unique features.

Check Out the Audie by Luminous India

Before you buy a smart fan, don’t forget to check out the Audie by Luminous India. It’s an IOT enabled fan and has all the three control features that we discussed earlier in the blog. The best part is that it comes from a well-known brand like Luminous India that you can blindly trust basis their past track record of millions of satisfied consumers.

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