4 Most Useful Work From Home Tools You Need to Have

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Many schools and offices have made their operations accessible at home because of the current pandemic. Staying home is the best way to keep yourself and others safe from spreading the virus. And with this, you need to be well-equipped with the best and most useful tools to help you work more efficiently. Technology plays a big role in our lives and with our current situation, we must take advantage of it. Since most (if not all) things are done online with technology, it’s good to know which tools can truly help you out.

In this article, we’ll give you the four most useful work from home tools you need to have to maximize your work efficiency. These tools will become your essentials in the long run. So, if you want to know more, keep on reading!


The most versatile and accessible file out there is PDF. It’s the most preferred format because of its ease of use and sharing capabilities. There’s no need to worry about changes in format when it’s sent or shared because it retains its original look and quality. Whatever device or version of a browser you’re using, this format can be opened or accessed. So, it’s definitely the most preferred file type out there. Now, with this, you’ll need a tool to convert your PDFs to other files and vice versa. GogoPDF has all you need to convert and edit your documents. Whether it’s turning XLS to PDF, editing PDFs, or adding watermarks to documents, you won’t have to worry. You can do all your document editing and conversions with just this one website. It has a ton of features for your document needs. And you’ll be happy to know that you can use it without any subscriptions or registrations prior to using their services.

Google Office Tools

Google has really upped their game this time with their very useful Office Tools. You can make Word documents, Slideshow presentations, Excel sheets, and forms with their tools. There is no need for you to download or pay for Office software, thanks to Google’s innovation. It’s also easy for you to save the documents or files you’ve created without worry about accidentally forgetting to hit that “Save” button. It will automatically save all your drafts in your Google Drive. So, in case of a power outage or poor internet connection, your drafted files will still be saved. You can easily share your documents with colleagues and supervisors with just a link, too! Thanks, Google!


Meetings with colleagues, supervisors, or partners have been made easy with video calling platforms. Zoom is the best video calling platform for meetings and can accommodate up to a hundred participants. This is with a Premium plan, of course. Acquiring a Premium plan is very useful because you don’t have time limits for your meetings. A free account will have some limitations. So, if you need a high-quality video calling platform to initiate important meetings, then get a Premium Zoom plan! Aside from meetings for work purposes, you can also initiate online family gatherings, just to add that in! You’ll surely get a ton of use from this in the long run. If you know about the teleprompter app then using a teleprompter app for zoom will be great. This will bring more value to the conference.


The last, but surely not the least on our list is Asana. Working from home has its pros and cons. But one of the biggest con with working from home is managing your tasks efficiently, especially if you’re working with a team. You want to make sure that your colleagues and partners are working on tasks on time. Asana helps you manage your tasks and can also help you monitor how others are doing. It ensures efficiency and transparency between teammates. You can also organize and track deadlines and see the progress you’ve made each day. Deadlines won’t be a problem with the help of this awesome tool.

Stay safe and stay at home!

So, there you have it, four of the most useful tools for working from home. It may be hard to adjust to working from home (or remote work) especially if you’re used to an office setting. But you must make do with what you already have. Discipline is key to making work more efficient. It takes a lot of self-control to stop yourself from lounging around or taking long breaks when working from home. With proper time management and discipline, you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

Be thankful for still having the means to sustain yourself during these hard times. It’s a big adjustment from what you’re used to, but you must keep going. Staying safe by staying indoors will help us all overcome our current situation. This is the best way to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We hope our article helps you in your work from home experience. Good luck!

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