How 3D animation develops business and marketing

3D animation (from the English “third dimension” – the third dimension and “animation” – animation, animation) is a computer technology for creating movement or imitation of this movement of objects in three-dimensional space. It is used in movies, video ads, video presentations, visualizations, and infographics.

Technological progress has a downside – it is merciless. When applied to business, it leaves no choice, but simply sets new standards. There was black and white cinema, now there will be color. It was dumb, now it will be sound. There was analog TV with three channels, now there is YouTube and you can watch what you want, whenever you want.

Video has become the new gold standard for advertising, and 3D animation for corporate video itself. Today, 3D advertising is not a fashionable feature, but a powerful springboard for business development.

3D animation helps tell a story – just the complex

The first law of effective advertising in the 21st century: “Everything that can be visualized must be visualized.”

The consumer likes to look more than to read, and does not really like to delve into the subject matter, preferring “chewed up” information, presented simply and in a beautiful package, for example:

Scientists have even come up with a special term “clip thinking”. In order for your ad to hit the target, it is advisable to show everything so that the target audience:

  1. a) Immediately understood everything and caught the message without the need to think out
  2. b) imbued with what he saw, not only at the level of reason, but also at the level of emotions.

In this regard, the possibilities of 3D animation are truly amazing and cover any other format.

For example, you need to explain to a potential investor how catalytic technologies increase the efficiency of oil refining. Explain clearly with numbers and facts, but without taking too much of the busy person’s time.

You can run after him with a heap of documents and drawings, or you can fit everything into a three-minute explanatory video with 3D graphics.

Another textbook example is the construction of an elite residential complex. How to get potential buyers to line up for apartments if the wind is still blowing and tractors are driving on the site of future houses and playgrounds?

You can make a standard advertisement with static images of the future complex on billboards and flyers. You can shoot typical videos in the spirit of “happy family, smiles, and thumbs up”. Or you can make a cool 3D video with architectural visualization. To make the buyer almost physically feel the euphoria of owning his own apartment in an elite area. I felt comfort, safety and superiority.

3D animation gives a feeling of involvement, like in a computer game, where you are no longer just a spectator, but a full-fledged participant in what is happening on the screen. Not a single typical video a la “a happy family rejoices at a new purchase” does not create such sensations.

And here we smoothly approach a topic that is not customary to talk about out loud, but is often spoken about on the sidelines. The feeling of coolness or “the image of facts is more important than the facts themselves” is one of the main factors of business.

3D animation video highlights brand status 

But there is no need to blindly blame everything on the love of businessmen for pathos. 3D videos really work better, because the mentality of the average consumer is no different. Interestingly, the countries also gravitate more towards 3D:

An image or animation video in 3D, lasting only one and a half minutes, can immediately close several burning questions:

  • Emphasize brand status

It is immediately clear that you are a serious and resourceful company with which it is pleasant to do business. It also works in the opposite direction: “You came to sign a contract for a billion, but did not even bother to prepare a beautiful presentation”.

  • Stand out from the competition

If you only knew how often the statement “Here are our competitors, we must look cooler” appears in the technical specifications of large companies.

  • Impress the investor or consumer

Not only businessmen, but also ordinary customers love to be involved in something grandiose. It is one thing to fill up at an ordinary regional gas station, and quite another – at the “national treasure”.

3D animation price 

And, of course, a favorite question of anyone interested in the topic – and how much does it cost?

As always, the final cost and estimate are formed individually each time. How much 3D animation is needed, what style, what time frame, the resolution of the video, where and in front of whom it will be shown, the product – all these and a number of other factors affect the price.

Nevertheless, of course, there is a range within which videos with 3d animation are most often produced in most countries according to our observations – from $ 5,000 to $ 50,000 if we are talking about video advertising, video presentations and visualization. Average value around $ 30,000.

Specific projects like architectural 3d visualization and animation can cost even more: the higher the requirements, the higher the price.

Which is more expensive: 3D or 2D animation

Depends on the project and task. But from experience, most of the tasks of 3D animation are more difficult, therefore, 3D costs more. This does not negate the fact that a specific 2D project may cost more than a specific 3D movie. For example, our animation video for the American application costs about 2x more than a basic 3D presentation of a shaft rubber company:

If the Customer chooses a complex style of 2D animation, then in production it can be quite more expensive than simple 3D graphics and animation.


3D animation in here is like the main weapon of a ship of the line – it hits three barrels at once. It helps to talk about complex things in a simple and understandable language, evokes emotions and a feeling of involvement in something grandiose in the viewer, emphasizes the high level of the company and confers the status of a market leader.

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