How a General Contractor Can Help Create a Successful Project

Repair Your Home with the Help of a Professional Contractor

Most Americans spent a lot more time in their homes over the last year or so. That triggered a not terribly surprising uptick in the number of home improvement projects. Of course, the stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and masking protocols also made most of the projects into DIY ventures.

As restrictions loosen, though, many people will embark on more complex home improvements, such as kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, or whole home renovations. Hiring an experienced house renovation contractor can help you turn these plans into a successful project.

Not sure how? Keep reading to see some of the benefits of a general contractor.

Project Planning

You might develop a very specific vision for your home or may just know you want a change. If you just know you want a change, a general contractor can help you develop that vision. For example, they might connect you with a designer to help you figure out the look you want.

They may also connect you with an architect or structural engineer if your project requires a structural alteration. Check out more details here about quantity surveying and building consultancy.

Project Permits

Permits are one of the big hassles for any construction or renovation project. Odds are good that you don’t know the right government offices or the forms they need for your permits. Your general contractor will know exactly the right offices, as well as all of the forms you must file for your permits.

That spares you the headache of all the research and learning by doing.

Single Point of Contact

When you try to run a building project by yourself, you quickly discover how many people you must keep track of to bring it off. There are suppliers, workers, and any subcontractors you need, like an electrician, roofer, or plumber.

Hiring a general contractor means that they become responsible for scheduling and managing all of those bodies. The general contractor becomes your main point of contact for information about the project. It also means you can direct questions to the general contractor as well.


In most locations, a general contractor must carry a substantial liability insurance policy. The required amount varies, but it’s fairly common for general contractors to carry $1 million in liability insurance coverage. General contractors who routinely work on high-value properties may carry more.

That coverage protects the contractor from claims for accidents or injuries that might occur during your building project. Just as importantly, it also protects you.

Building a Successful Project

You want a successful project any time you renovate your home or even take on a building project from the ground up. These kinds of projects often prove more complex than a homeowner or property owner first anticipates.

Hiring a general contractor helps you manage all of the moving parts that must come together in the right way and in the right order. They can help you with project planning, dealing with permits, and managing the crews and subcontractors.

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