How A Portable Monitor Can Upgrade Your Remote Work

Remote work comes in many forms. Whether you’re tackling complicated spreadsheets, creating a pitch deck, or fine-tuning graphics, your equipment must provide the reliability and performance you need. As monitors become lighter and thinner, innovative technologies also expand their clarity, portability, and connectivity. Ricoh’s portable monitors deliver all these benefits and more. Keep reading to learn how the brand’s 150 Series monitors can significantly improve your work-from-home experience. 

Lightweight & Portable

If you look at their dimensions alone, Ricoh’s 150 Series monitors sound impressive. At under two pounds each, they weigh less than many laptops and tablets. Measuring 8.7 high by 14 inches wide and barely 0.4 inches thick, each monitor is roughly the size of a 100-sheet stack of legal paper.

Whether you’re traveling across town for work or switching rooms at home, the 150 Series’ slim and ultralight displays are easy to carry. Fitting them into your backpack or laptop bag is a cinch. They also add less weight to your carry-on luggage and don’t require heavy lifting to move them to another workspace. Two USB-C ports on each monitor provide power and let you connect to almost any device. Equipped with an internal lithium-ion battery, they can operate for up to three hours on a full charge. 

Connect Anywhere

Ricoh’s cutting-edge approach that’s evident in products like the ScanSnap iX1600 also appears in its 150 Series monitors. This collection includes two models: the 150W and the 150BW. Both are compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. They each connect to your chosen devices via their USB-C ports, but the 150BW also connects to your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet via WiFi or Miracast. 

WiFi connectivity is built into the 150BW. It supports WPA2-PSK security protocols, connecting at both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz frequencies and common 802.11 wireless LAN standards. Miracast is an industry-standard protocol for casting content onto electronic displays. Supporting 1080p Full HD resolution, Miracast allows visual content from your devices to instantly display on the 150BW. You enjoy full visuals with a one-millisecond display response time. You can also wirelessly cast content to as many as five portable 150BW monitors and cast from up to two devices onto a single monitor. 

Stunning Visual Displays

If the 150 Series’ portability and connectivity aren’t impressive enough, its visual clarity offers even more value. Both the wired and wireless models display Full HD at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. They’re also OLED displays, with enhanced energy efficiency plus improved brightness, contrast, and response times. Integrate high-performance touch sensors, they support 10-point multi-touch and can be used with your hands or Ricoh’s stylus pen. As a bonus, Ricoh’s 150 Series monitors incorporate shatter- and scratch-proof tempered glass for better resilience. 

The Ricoh 150 Series portable monitors make remote work easier. With slim lightweight constructions, ease of connectivity, and vivid displays, they offer many benefits for telecommuting professionals. Paired with other essentials like a ScanSnap scanner, they make your remote office truly adaptable and mobile. 

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