How Accidental Death is Different from a Wrongful Death?

How Accidental Death is Different from a Wrongful Death?

The Differences Between Wrongful Death and Accidental Death

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, it can be a challenging time. Not only do you have to deal with your grief, but you also need to consider your family’s financial future. Accidental death and wrongful death are both ways that death can impact someone else financially. Understanding the differences between these two circumstances will help you know how to proceed after a friend or family member dies.

What is an Accidental Death?

A death that happens from an unforeseen event is considered as an accidental death. It can be a car accident, a workplace injury, drowning, or any other kind of event that is not the result of negligence on the part of another person. If the death is accidental, it does not mean that the person who died was careless. It just means that the event was unexpected, and no one could have prevented it. Accidental death can happen to anyone, even someone who takes excellent precautions and is extremely careful.

What is a Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is when someone dies because of another person’s negligence. It could be a car accident caused by a drunk driver, medical malpractice, or a workplace injury caused by a faulty machine. In these situations, another person’s actions were the direct cause of the death. A wrongful death lawsuit is filed to recoup any financial losses the deceased’s family might face due to the death. These losses could include medical bills, funeral or cremation costs, loss of future income, loss of companionship, and other related expenses.

Why are there Differences Between Wrongful Death and Accidental Death?

Wrongful death and accidental death both result in death. However, there are several key differences between the two. First, wrongful death is highly intentional, while unintentional death is not. Wrongful death includes things like murder, manslaughter, and negligent homicide, while accidental death can include events like car accidents, workplace injuries, and slip and falls. Second, wrongful death lawsuits seek compensation for the surviving family members of the deceased, while accidental death lawsuits seek compensation for the deceased’s family.

Financial Outcomes for Wrongful Death and Accident Deaths

The main difference between wrongful and accidental death is who receives the financial benefits of the lawsuit. If a loved one dies due to another person’s negligence, the loved ones of that person are likely to receive compensation through a lawsuit. However, if the death was unexpected and not caused by negligence, the deceased person’s loved ones do not receive damages.

In conclusion, when a loved one dies, the financial impact on the family can be substantial. Luckily, death from negligence, such as in a car accident or a workplace injury, can result in a wrongful death lawsuit, which can help recover some of these expenses with the help of the best wrongful death attorney. An accidental death does not result in a lawsuit but can still be devastating. In both cases, death can be emotionally difficult for the deceased’s loved ones. It is essential to seek support and know you are not alone in your grief.

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