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How an Earthquake can Damage Your Plumbing


No matter where you live, your plumbing system is susceptible to the effects of an earthquake. When a major quake strikes, it’s not just buildings that are damaged – water pipes can burst, and sewage lines may be compromised.

Earthquakes often cause damage to home plumbing systems due to their intensity; they shake the ground intensely enough for water lines under pressure to break or sewer pipes to crack. This article will discuss how earthquakes affect plumbing systems.

1.   Burst Pipes and Leaks

After an earthquake, homes may have burst pipes due to the shaking of the ground. Pipes can also be damaged by shifting objects within a home or from external sources such as falling debris.

The damage that occurs during an earthquake to your home’s plumbing system may result in water leaks and pipe bursting problems. For best results with your plumbing issues, be sure to hire professional plumbers.

2.   Shifting Water Heater

Another effect that earthquakes can have on your home’s plumbing is shifting or breaking water heaters. Water heaters are heavy appliances, and the force of an earthquake may cause them to break loose from their anchor bolts or knock against other nearby objects.

Additionally, they may fall over completely or shake so much they crack the tank inside. This not only poses a danger in itself, but the broken tank of a water heater can leak or even explode.

3.   Loss of Water Pressure

Earthquakes can cause damage to your home’s plumbing and may also result in reduced water pressure. Because of this, it is difficult to fight any fires and complete other necessary tasks following the quake. Using plumbing tape can help fix your plumbing system, thus maintaining the required pressure.

If you live near an area susceptible to earthquakes, you should learn to shut off your water at the meter. As a result, you will be avoiding losing water pressure.

4.   Sewage Line Damage

Like other parts of your home’s plumbing system, sewage lines can be affected by earthquakes. The shaking that occurs due to an earthquake usually causes damage to your sewer lines.

This not only poses a potential risk to the environment but also creates an inconvenience for you if your sewage line breaks or cracks following an earthquake.

5.   Faulty Joints

Earthquakes may also affect joints within your plumbing system. These are where water pipes fit together and can be particularly susceptible to damage during an earthquake. The effects could be due to shifting soil or other objects that fall on top of them.

If you suspect any faulty joints in your home’s plumbing after an earthquake, it is important to call your plumber. Once you contact us, we will be at your place within the shortest time possible to help you fix any plumbing issues.

How to Prevent Earthquake Effects on Your Plumbing System

Earthquakes can damage your home’s plumbing system in a variety of ways. If you live somewhere near an area prone to earthquakes, it’s important to know what precautions you should take before the next one strikes.

Be sure to find out if there are fault lines near your home. You can do this by inspecting the plumbing in your house: look for cracks or leaks around faucets and under sinks. Also, check pipes leading to water heaters, inspect all appliances for signs of damage and turn off main shutoff valves if they are damaged.

In addition, shutting off the water at the meter will help you prevent water pressure problems and water loss after an earthquake.

It’s important to know how fault lines affect the pipes in your home. By conducting an inspection of all plumbing appliances and learning how to respond if problems arise due to earthquakes, you can help prevent damage from occurring.


As you can see, an earthquake is capable of causing problems for your home’s plumbing system. Because earthquakes vary in intensity and affect the surrounding environment, it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen following one. However, you can take precautionary steps ahead of time to make sure your plumbing system remains safe even if something does go wrong.

After an earthquake, the damage that your home’s plumbing system has sustained can pose problems for you. However, if you’re prepared in an emergency and know how to shut off your water meter at the source, then any potential leaks or other damages are easily preventable.

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