How AR Is Redefining Retail in the Pandemic?

The pandemic is not slowing down any sooner, and the businesses must go on with their plan. So the only way to connect to the employees is through calling, messaging, and video conferencing.

The problem with the working is solved with the work from the home method, but what about the customers? Especially the customers of the retail industry, who prefer to come directly to the store and buy products, and make comparisons of different models such as for a jewelry purchase. Some products can’t be ordered online by reading the descriptions and reviews, and some need to be tried on personally.

Hence, the need for augmented reality (AR) stepped in, which helps the customers to do the virtual try-on via their smartphone, tablet, or storefront screens.

It has become a boon for in-store shopping people, and they love it.

Many companies have tried AR even before, like some clothing brands with an app that can scan your body, and you can try on different clothes virtually. Yes, it is true if you haven’t heard about it before. It has given the customers the ease of selecting, comparing, and buying while they are at home.

For anyone who has to try the AR try-on, they need to do the instructed activities for scanning the body by placing the phone or tab a bit far from where you are standing. After the scanning, the App will allow you to try different clothes or jewelry on yourself.

The augmented reality comes with many benefits other than the one customers enjoy. The AR also brings a significant benefit to the retailers/businesses too.

Let’s look at the benefits of AR for the retailers:

  • The tremendous increase in the conversations
  • Fewer returns
  • Facilitating customer curiosity on new products
  • Supporting in purchase decisions
  • A high level of service guaranteed
  • Building customer loyalty

These unique benefits that come with augmented reality are a catch for businesses trying to cope with the pandemic. The virtual try-on of products helps both parties in the industry during these trying times.

Augmented reality has most benefited jewelry retail as jewelry is the one product one can’t just buy by looking at it in the online store. They need to try it on to be confident and look content with the purchase. People rarely purchase jewelry without trying it on first.

Hence, the AR has the following features for the customers to try.

There are three ways in which you can try jewelry via AR:

In-store screen: There will be a screen big enough to be a mirror in the store (inside the store). Here, you let the camera scan you and use the smaller screen available, and you can try different ornaments on you in real-time.

AR App: As the name says, you can try the jewelry the same way you did in-store screen by downloading the brand’s App.

Web AR:  Here, if you don’t want to download and install the App, you can visit the brand’s website and use the exact steps you follow during the in-store screen try-on.

These are some of the benefits augmented reality has brought to the retail industry during the pandemic. By utilizing the power of AR, every brand can reach their customer and help them buy your product.


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