How can an employee intranet portal help you with employee onboarding?

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Whether it be new graduates just starting out their first job or experienced individuals shifting to another workplace, starting a new job can be stressful for both types of individuals. Most enterprises often focus on completing the new hire paperwork and explaining administrative processes. Visit Swag Bar for more onboarding new employees

However, they don’t understand that it can be overwhelming for the new employee to understand all the company policies and adjust to the new work environment at the same time. As a result, it can bog down their excitement of joining a new workplace. Not only can this lead to poor onboarding experience but also enhance the chances of the employees shifting their job.

So, if you want your employees to become productive and contribute to the organization, it is vital that they feel comfortable and understand the company goals effectively. And nothing can help you to get the most out of your employees than an employee intranet portal. Here is how an intranet can help you with employee onboarding.

Welcome new hires: Undoubtedly, how a new employee feels at the beginning of a new job will decide how they feel about your company. It is crucial to create a long-lasting impression, especially if you want to get the new employee to become productive. So, an employee intranet portal will help you welcome new employees and introduce them to other staff members. Not only will it provide the new hire access to all the important information they may need to perform their job but also help them engage with their coworkers. Apart from this, the intranet allows HR managers to track the progress of new employees. HR managers can use the intranet to make updates and automatically send notifications to their employees. 

Automate repetitive tasks: A new job often entails a lot of paperwork, training material, company policies and other crucial information. And going through all of that on the very first day is not easy. So, you can use the intranet to keep all the crucial information that your employees can access when required. Apart from this, the new employee needs to fill out many documents to finish the onboarding process & filling the same info again and again can be frustrating. You can use an employee portal to complete the paperwork by creating a profile. It will automatically fetch the details of employees for different documents.

Get social: While onboarding is an individual process, new employees need to connect with their colleagues as communication is the key to success. Not only does it help new employees accomplish their goals but also create a good work culture. So, intranet incorporates social media features that allow your employees to communicate, share and comment on different posts. As a result, it helps build a strong relationship among employees.

Get feedback: Once the probation period is over, it is time to meet the new employees again to discuss how they feel about the company’s onboarding process. Not only getting feedback from employees will help you improve your onboarding process but also enhance employee retention rate. So, the best way to gather feedback is to ask your new employees to fill out a survey on your intranet solution.

The Bottom Line

There are several ways an employee intranet portal can help you with employee onboarding. The aforementioned tips can help you improve your onboarding process, eventually leading to a higher employee retention rate. 

However, not all intranet portals are created equally. Therefore, before you invest in an intranet platform, make sure you know your requirements and pay attention to its features so that you can reach your business goals.

All the Best!

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