How can I prepare for PMP certification exam in one week?

PMP is nothing but a short form which stands for Project Management Professional. This certification is offered by Project Management Institute PMI and therefore it is known PMI-PMP. PMP Certification contains a high level of professional suitability as it is a mixture of agile training forcingAgile projects and implementing Agile fundamentals as well as tools. This certification is recognizedworld wide and helps people in addressing the requirements of associations that solely depend on certified managementcertification holders to apply their unique skills to undertake the tasks in an efficient way.From the people who gave rise to the PMP®, this certificationsubtly identifiesone’s knowledge of agile guidelines and your talent with agile techniques. Proving the peers, employers as well as shareholders that one has deep agile knowledge is vital.

Created by experts for beginners, the PMI-PMP is one of the fastest growing certification and this is of no wonder. Companies that are highly firm and responsive to dynamic changes in market finish more of their tasks successfully than their slower approachingcounterparts(75 percent against 56 percent) as proven in the 2015 Pulse of the Profession® report.The PMI-PMPdoes many approaches to nimble such as Scrum,Lean, extreme programming (or also known as XP) and test-driven development (or TDD.) Therefore it will increase the versatility and responsiveness of an individual, wherever the projects takethem.

Exam Structure of the PMI PMP

The exam structure of the PMI PMP is quite straightforward and seeks no alluring requirements for the same. The given below points will enlighten the exact path for PMI PMP exam.

1) The pmp course and training in los angeles exam comprises of a total of 120 questions which are of the multiple type choices and needs to be correctly answered.

2) To heave a sigh of relief , there are some exactly 20 questions which will not be counted in the mark sheet if they are correct or wrong .

3) The total time duration of the exam is 3 hours .

4) Just to make sure that there is no negative outcomes of the publishing of the results , the PMI does not produce any public results rather it has marked the pass percentage to be in between 65-70%.

5) The candidates have the facility of bringing blank papers which they can use in order to calculate some questions that require heavy analysis as well as mathematical skills.

Simple methods to get a certification of PMI PMP

1. PMI-PMP handbook(or PMI-PMP H): The PMI-PMP Handbook provides you all the necessary details of the exam process including exam rules and procedures. The first two parts are a must read for anyone wishing to consider the PMI- PMP certification. These sections give a summary of the most important basics such as exam eligibility criteria, how to finish the online form, the payment policy as well asthe exact copy of theexam. Knowing and executing this information will go a long pathforreduction of your exam day future issues.

2. PMI- PMPexampreparationtime(or PMI-PMP EPT): The guidefurnished by the PMI Project Management Professionalexam is vast, descriptive as well as spread throughout many ways of reference guide. This is not an examination you can easily crackby studying in a couple of weekends or simply get through with the faith upon your experience and successfully pass. Decide to take the exam after utilizing 10-12 abstract weeks of studying for two to three hours per day. Of course you are bound to design a time table that is applicable enough to cope up with the remaining of your responsibilities and personal time.

3. Setting up an improvised plan and time-table :As a project manager, you are well aware of the necessity to plan and schedule. Take those useful skills and make a study schedule for 10-12 week period that issuits well to the rest of your tasks. Depending on your task and household responsibilities, you may need to re-schedule time. Take a mock exam to access the areas that you need to buy more time for focusing on during this 10-12 week of prepared schedule. Make sure your planning is useful and set weekly objectives to keep a track your progress. Donot forget you also need to free your mind bytaking limited breaks to participate in your interested activities.

4. PMI- PMPstudyguide:There are a huge variety of exam preparatory books available, which are also more often called “study guides”. They  discussthe ideasdiscovered in the exam and can be an useful addition to the reference guidesas suggested by PMI. Approach your local bookstore and select one that suits with your way of learning and contains a variety of high as well as low productive topics.

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