How Covid-19 Has Changed the Way, We Work

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Undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many workplaces and how we work forever. Remote working has become the new normal, with many businesses finding it essential to integrate a degree of home working into their daily routines. Ever-advancing technology has made this possible, and whilst homeworking was on the rise even before the pandemic, it has undoubtedly accelerated the pace at which it has been rolled out. 

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Why businesses may stay ‘remote.’

The success achieved by those now turning remote working into their new normal has encouraged many other businesses to investigate following suit. Here we look at different software making a home and remote working possible for various industries.

For example, many customer service-based roles are now handled by those choosing to work from home. It is certainly one industry that has benefitted from the wealth of technology available to make online chat services from home as efficient and effective as a call centre environment.

Remote working is now a viable option for many other jobs and industries, with many 

finding higher productivity and happier employees working remotely. Of course, there will always be a need for some face-to-face contact. A business’s physical location is becoming less critical, and office space requirements are often significantly less, making cost savings possible. 

Software and hardware for the new normal

Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of businesses adopting an element of homeworking, and for better or worse remote working is here to stay. Remote desktop access has seen a rise in the demand for powerful virtual workstations to ensure optimum user experience. Long-term solutions from specialist services companies such as ebb3 provide high-performance virtual desktop infrastructures to enable vGPU enabled workloads such as VDI, HPC and VR for remote workers in many industries. Live collaboration between users and applications using real-time single interactive platforms deliver scalable solutions for almost any business. Workflows can be simplified, as changes and updates are shared instantaneously with no requirement for data preparation or complicated updates and rollout of equipment. 

Work can be accessed and shared through a shared desktop, using build it once and render it anywhere technology NVIDIA. Common platforms can be developed which enable multi-use of workstations and remove the need for duplicate software and hardware licensing through a virtual service. 

Solving problematic graphic-heavy requirements

For companies that rely on graphics-heavy intensive design, it is still possible to support long term remote working using a virtual workstation that enables you to set flexibility with the number of days that require staff to attend your physical offices. Your team can easily transition from home to office and vice versa without manually transferring data or adjusting to different formats and visuals. They can access a virtual desktop from many devices and locations and immediately be comfortable and productive.

The vGPU difference

With no specialist IT knowledge required by employees working with virtual workstations, vGPU is quickly replacing other remote access techniques. The speed of access through a virtual data centre residing workstation is significantly faster than connecting via VPN and physical desktop. The consistency of access and design also means that employees can easily continue where they left off, no matter their last access location.

The good news is that virtual subscriptions are available for virtual workstations to enable a cost-effective solution for those seeking to formalise their rushed Covid work from home moves. Investing in vGPU technology comes at a much lower cost than investing in high-spec laptops. The lack of support knowledge is undoubtedly an advantage that sees less need for in-house specialist IT teams. When equipment issues are encountered by those working remotely, solutions are more easily identified, and updates and fixes rolled out across the board with far fewer issues. 

Whilst we may have seen the end of enforced lockdowns, the benefits of working from home have been clear enough to ensure that the tide is unlikely to turn. Specialist vGPU providers can help you maximise your budget and formalise remote working to future proof your business.

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