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How Do I Choose A Wardrobe Design For My Bedroom?

How Do I Choose A Wardrobe Design For My Bedroom?

A wardrobe serves as storage and as an accessory that’s part of your bedroom’s aesthetic. For this reason, it is best to make proper considerations when settling for a design.

Types of Wardrobes

There are three main wardrobe designs, and here are some tips to help you decide which wardrobe design is best for you.

Hinged Wardrobes

This is the traditional wardrobe design where you swing the door open to view and access your items.

This design is best for large bedrooms with enough space to open the doors. It is also ideal if your bedroom theme is classic or simple.

The main advantage of the hinged design is the visibility it provides. You can see all the contents inside with the doors open, making it easy to pick the clothes you need. Another advantage is that the door works as an extra storage space to hang items such as jewellery organisers.

Mirror Wardrobes

These are wardrobes with huge mirrors fixed on the doors. You can choose to have the mirrors on one or more doors.

You should get a mirrored wardrobe if you want your room to appear brighter and more spacious. In addition, mirrored wardrobes have a variety of frame styles and colours that can blend into your bedroom theme. This design also helps save on space that would have been used to place a separate mirror.

Sliding Wardrobes

This design is a more modern option, creating a solution for small bedrooms. The doors in this type of wardrobe slide against each other, allowing you to access either side of the wardrobe.

Because the doors do not require extra space to open, you get more space to work with. In addition, you can add mirrors to your doors and enjoy the perks of a mirrored wardrobe. The modern look of the sliding door design also adds to the beauty of your bedroom.

Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Wardrobe Design

Which wardrobe design is best for me? Consider the following to answer this question.

The Bedroom Layout

Your room setup matters when choosing a wardrobe design. The layout dictates where to place the wardrobe for the best use of the space available. Once you have identified the best spot, you should take measurements to guide you on the wardrobe type.

The Space Available

While deciding on your wardrobe design, your main aim should be to maximise available space.

If your room has limited space, your best choice is the sliding wardrobe. You could also go for a mirrored wardrobe since it creates an illusion of space.

You can go for a hinged wardrobe for a sizeable bedroom or take it to the next level with a walk-in closet.

How You Intend To Use the Wardrobe

The contents of your wardrobe also determine the design you choose. You can personalise your wardrobe to have more extended hanging space, more shelves, a shoe rack, or other storage options for small accessories. You also get to determine how big the wardrobe should be.

Your Bedroom’s Theme

All the aspects of your bedroom should complement each other and create a unified look. Your wardrobe colour should be in line with the rest of your accessories. If it’s a wooden shade, ensure that it doesn’t clash with the rest of the furniture.

Hinged wardrobes are ideal for a rustic style, while mirrored and sliding wardrobes provide a modern touch.


As seen above, a lot goes into choosing a wardrobe design. Think about the vision you have for your room and get the wardrobe of your choice.

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