How Do You Choose The Perfect Size Skateboard?

Skateboards have been a part of culture since the 1970s. Yet skateboarders, shops, and buyers alike are discovering that there are still questions to answer before they head out to snatch up that latest limited edition deck.  One might see a pro skater at a competition with a board much smaller than their size. But they still have to ride the smaller skateboard to get the board and wheels on just the right way.

When deciding on new skateboard decks, it’s all about the size. But how does someone know which particular size is the perfect one for them? Determining the ideal size skateboard has as much to do with fit as it does with size. For most people, it’s also a matter of personal style and preference.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing which size is the perfect one.

What Deck Should You Skate On?

From the smallest to the largest are just some general guidelines when one measures the skateboard decks. The deck is an actual board, that is, a wooden platform on which one will stand. When someone buys a deck, they have to add all the required items to turn it into a skateboard, such as wheels, bearings, and so on. A complete skateboard is a pre-built slide board and is ready to climb from a wall. Skateboard boards vary in size, but most are between 6.5″ – 10.5″ and are usually made of wood with seven or eight wings, bamboo, frame, carbon fibre, or plastic. Deciding which skateboard deck is suitable for a skater depends on their riding style and their brand. There are a few things to consider

  • Breadth: The average breadth of a deck is 7.25″ – 8.5″. The breadth depends on the skater’s size, the size of the foot, and the kind of skate one is likely to make. Big skaters generally prefer a big skateboard deck. Those skaters who perform on streets often prefer a smaller deck. One should choose their skateboard deck by width, not height.
  • Length: One should measure how long is their skateboard deck from the tip to the tail of it. The most common board length is 28″ – 32.″
  • Back and front: The back and front of the skateboard may be challenging to distinguish, but many decks offer separate drawings separately. Also, many skateboard decks have a big front kick and a slight kick at the back.
  • Wood material: If someone looks at the side of the deck, small layers of maple can be seen. Layering wood on wood with a pattern of cross-sections helps create a more robust board than a single solid wood. A typical skateboard has seven-wood material


One can look for a specific website if someone considers buying a skateboard. The websites usually have a lot to offer, including various models, shapes, and sizes. So how does someone know if they can buy an apt skateboard size? What size skateboard is best for skating on the road? What size skateboard is suitable for a beginner? The balance is always in the rider’s eyes. Some people like to be big, some small, and some only buy skateboards as a deck and be creative with it. It is ideal for both the first time and a novice rider. Though sometimes purchasing a complete skateboard is the easiest way to go.

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