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How Does A Roof Repairs Contractor Advise Cleaning Metal Roofing Material

How Does A Roof Repairs Contractor Advise Cleaning Metal Roofing Material

When you invest considerably in a metal roof, it’s vital to extend its longevity by maintaining cleanliness and functionality. Many homeowners take the responsibility for their roof care and upkeep upon themselves, but safety is a priority when cleaning what could be a slippery metal surface.

Trusted, professional roofing repair contractors like Osland Roofing have the knowledge and experience to walk the surface of a metal roof but likely would discourage homeowners from doing the same. That would mean cleaning from the confines of a ladder requiring extra safety precautions.

It can be challenging to manage any sort of supplies or equipment while navigating a ladder, plus you need to know which cleaning solutions are appropriate for the metal material.

Often harsh chemicals have the potential to damage painted surfaces or erode the protective sealants meant to extend the lifespan. Even if you choose not to use a professional for the process, it’s wise to at least research or speak with a roofing expert for guidance on what you should know to clean a metal roof properly.

Consider these tips when attempting a do-it-yourself cleaning and maintenance of your metal roofing material.

Tips On Care And Upkeep of A Metal Roof

Roofing contractors have the knowledge and expertise to walk the surfaces of roofs and manage the maintenance and cleaning but advise against the same for homeowners due to safety precautions.

If you invested in a metal roof, the priority is to ensure optimum care and upkeep for longevity, including cleaning and maintaining peak functionality.

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Generally, this would warrant the services of a professional, trusted roofing repair contractor to handle adequate cleaning and preventive maintenance.

However, some homeowners prefer to do it yourself with as many tasks as possible for cost savings, and this includes cleaning the surfaces. The problem is if harsh chemicals or the wrong solutions are used on a metal surface, the protective layers can erode, or the paint can be damaged.

Also, as the homeowner, it’s recommended that you avoid walking on the roof; instead, maneuver around the perimeter of the surface via a ladder.

Handling supplies or equipment can be tricky, but attempting to walk on what could quickly become a slippery, unstable metal surface should be left to professionals. Let’s look at some tips on cleaning a metal roof properly.

● The cleaning solution for a metal roof is specific

A metal roof is often coated with paint or a protective sealant for an extended lifespan and full functionality. Harsh chemicals wreak havoc on these sensitive materials ruining the paint and weakening sealants. Go here for financial tips when making roofing repairs for your household.

Paying attention to product labels is vital before using solutions on the surfaces,

plus consulting a roofer when in doubt to preserve the material. Using abrasive materials to scrub the metal, like a wire brush or steel wool, is also inadvisable. These will damage the surface with terrific gashes and scratches.

When you have what you believe to be an adequate solution and supplies, it’s wise to test an area of the roof with less visibility to see how it reacts with the materials.

The priority is to use soft supplies with soap diluted by water. Metal roof dirt, debris, and particles can often be washed away with simple water from a garden hose.

If you still see mildew or grime, a small amount of dish detergent diluted in roughly a gallon of water will be enough to eliminate the mess using a soft microfiber cloth.

● A priority is remaining safe when cleaning a metal roof

A metal roof presents many chances for a homeowner to have an accident or become injured. The surface is incredibly slippery, particularly when adding a cleaning solution and water. Following safety precautions when attempting to clean the surface is vital with some important guidelines as follows:

  1. Always make sure there’s someone available to spot you on the day you engage in roof cleanup; washing a metal roof alone is unwise. Most roofing repair contractors suggest that homeowners avoid walking on the structure to prevent the potential for an accident or injury.

Instead, you’ll want to work from a tall ladder with a sound system for handling supplies and equipment while maneuvering the perimeter of the surface.

  • A tall ladder with safety approval is the recommended safety equipment as opposed to an old-school version that groans and creaks as you climb. Further suggestions to protect from falls are to wear a harness as you navigate the surface and only clean the areas you can reach with the ladder.

That will mean having extended handle tools to avoid stepping foot onto the roof.

  • If you go against the suggestions and decide to climb onto the roof to get a better cleaning, your footwear should be fitted with the best gripping to walk the surface. Good traction is fundamental to avoid slippage or the potential for a fall.

Check for debris in the soles so there’s no potential for the metal to be scratched from walking on the material.

● Can a metal roof be pressure washed

Roofing repair contractors recommend leaving high-power pressure washing to the experts. Working with some less intense cleaning techniques can be part of a homeowner’s standard care and upkeep, including using the garden hose and gentle soap with soft cleaning cloths.

However, incorporating a pressure washer on a metal roof without sufficient knowledge has the potential to create damages, including dents, gashes, or scratches to the surface and protective layers, with the possibility of accidents or injuries.

Final Thought

As a rule, preventive roof maintenance and annual inspections are services handled by professional roofing repair contractors with years of expertise, knowledge, and training.

These experts have the training and adequate equipment to ensure processes like cleaning metal roofs are handled thoroughly with no incidents of damage and without accident or injury.

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