How Good Are LONGER Products?

When shopping for 3D printers or laser engravers, you should not compromise on quality of you want the best items. The problem is that getting quality products is quite challenging, despite the presence of several companies that deal with the mentioned utilities in the market.

You do not have to worry about quality if you rely on LONGER, a Chinese startup that will sort out your 3D printer and laser engraver needs. An in-depth look at this company and its products will give you an idea of why it is the best.

Introduction To LONGER

LONGER has been around since its birth in 2016, which is a surprise to many people, as it is competing with companies that have been around for a considerable time. It is a legitimate company, with a physical address in Shenzhen, China, with more than 1000 employees.

The Products

An amazing thing about this company is its diverse catalog, comprising of 3D printers, engravers and their respective accessories. Let us look at each of the products to see if they are worth it?

The 3D Printers

LONGER is best known for its 3D printer collection. Under its catalog, you find FDM and resin 3D printers. FDM are quite simple and are ideal for hobbyists. Here, you have the LONGER LK4 Pro, LK5 Pro, LK4 and LK1. Pick an ideal printer from this selection but look at the product description to see if they fit your needs.

Resin 3D printers mostly target commercial uses and include the Orange 4K, 10 and 30. You go for resin 3D printers if you want to start a business or for large scale 3D-printing needs.

LONGER Laser Engravers

The LONGER Ray 5 is an excellent category of engravers, where you have the 5W and 10W. The latter is ideal for hobbyists, while the 10W works well for professional settings.

As per the products descriptions, you nee to download the MKSlaser app, for effortless use of the engravers. In this scenario, the app turns your phone into a remote control, capable of executing commands such as sending files, adjusting the speed of the engraver and more.


LONGER’s online platform has the accessories sections, where you find extras for 3D printers, and for laser engravers. FDM add-ons include blower kits, ceramic coated glass, PLA filaments, and nozzle kit. Under the LCD accessories we have standard UV resin, plastic resin VAT, and water washable resin.

Extras for laser engravers are the air assist kits, DIY engraving material, laser rotary roller, and protective goggles. Peruse the section to see more accessories that LONGER stocks.

Are LONGER Products Worth It?

LONGER has a wide product catalog, as evident from this piece. You have products for both commercial and personal uses, and their accessories. The utilities are top grade and you won’t have a problem using them if you rely on the provided user manual.

Take advantage of the amazing offers provided by LONGER to get a decent bargain on your purchases. Additionally, you can enroll for the affiliate program to get an excellent commission for every client you refer.

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