How is Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Performed, What Are Its Methods?

Non-surgical breast augmentation is an application that makes small breasts appear much more voluminous without surgery. The application, which has been frequently preferred recently, consists of many different processes.

The recovery period is much shorter after the procedure without surgical incisions. Non-surgical breast augmentation, which is generally preferred by women who are afraid of surgical intervention, is done with different methods. It is seen that small breasts gain a fuller appearance after the procedure done with methods such as oil injection and aquafilling. But how is non-surgical breast augmentation done, what methods are used in the application?

How is Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Done?

Non-surgical breast augmentation has different procedure steps. It has been recently frequently done and is generally preferred by women with small breast forms. No surgical incisions are made within the scope of the procedure.

On the other hand, since the prosthesis is not placed in the breast, a much more natural appearance is obtained in the breast part. In non-surgical breast enlargement, the following methods are generally preferred:

  • Hydrophilic gel
  • Fat injection
  • Aquafilling
  • Filler
  • Hyaluronic acid

Each method has different processing steps. For this reason, which method is going to be used for the application should be decided before the procedure. Non-surgical breast augmentation, which is one of the applications done by Milano Klinik, is generally done much more easily in women with sufficient breast tissue.

What are Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods?

Non-surgical breast augmentation methods are different from each other. It is possible to list the non-surgical breast augmentation methods as follows:

Hydrophilic Gel Application

Hydrophili gel appliccation, which is the more preferred method in filling and enlargement processes, can last for 5-8 years. Each step is very important, even the needle tip. The recovery period after the surgical procedure is very short.

Fat Injection Application

Fats taken from the person’s own tissues are used for the method. Generally, the process is completed in 45-60 minutes. Local anesthesia is usually given before the procedure. In this way, the feeling of pain during the procedure is reduced. The application makes it possible for the patient to return to their daily life in a short time. Therefore, it is possible to say that it is a remarkable method. Breast augmentation with fat injection can usually last up to 6 months.

Aquafilling Application

The application done with aquafilling, which stands out as a type of tissue material, is done by injection into the relevant area. Aquafilling, which is prepared like a filling, is basically applied by injection and has a processing time of 25-30 minutes. Local anesthesia is usually administered before the injection procedure. In this way, pain is not felt during the procedure and the person feels much more comfortable.


The procedure, which is included in the non-surgical breast augmentation, is done with filler. The application, which can be used in different regions, is also preferred in breast augmentation. The filler is applied by an injector. This prevents any incisions from being made.

Hyaluronic Acid

Another method is known as hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body, can be used in different parts of the body. The application with the method generally has a permanence of 12-22 months. Each of the applications done with a different  method draws attention as it does not require surgical intervention.

Many women resort to non-surgical breast augmentation because they are afraid of surgical intervention and  want to achieve a fuller breast structure with the application. Generally, which method is going to be used is decided before the application and the desired breast structure is achieved with each method. Therefore, it is possible to state that the application of non-surgical breast augmentation has recently attracted attention.

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