How is Technology Changing the Sports Betting Industry in Maryland

Technology has played a vital role in shaping the online sports betting industry. The growing popularity of sports betting is mostly due to the technological advances in the world. Maryland is a place welcoming hundreds of tourists almost every day, the people who visit the state as well as the ones who reside there are open to wagering. The state has legalized sports betting and anyone inside the province can wager now without facing any difficulty.

Technology has become fast-paced with the growing environmental changes. Various betting platforms such as Maryland Fanduel, Maryland DraftKings, etc. have updated their gameplays and online betting options to serve the best to their users.

The gambling industry has benefited a lot from technological changes, the betting industry smoothly adopts and accepts the latest technology in accordance with potential bettors and players. Some of the ways in which technology has held a great impact on the sports betting industry in Maryland are listed below.

●     Online Betting: Sportsbooks in Mobiles

The entire present generation is dependent on smartphones for their survival. Be it any purpose, smartphones are no more a luxury, they have become a necessity. How can online sportsbooks not be a part of this? Sports betting is now very easy for users who can’t move from one place to another and wager. It has become a beneficial tool for everyone as you can download and install the betting app on your phones and start wagering online.

Stats show more than 3.5 billion of the population use smartphones in 2020. With such a great number, isn’t it a good thing to shift the betting standards online for an improved experience of the bettors and the profits of the operators?

●     Payment Gateways are Safer

With technological advancements, payment options are now widened in every step. No longer you will have to depend on cash withdrawals in the betting store or bank encryptions for payments, everything has been transformed into an online establishment. With online payment methods such as digital wallets, debit cards, cryptocurrencies, etc., you can make instant deposits and withdrawals without any fear of safety and security.

These payment options are huge in number and are very safe because they are being operated directly by the big names.

●     Live Betting

How is Technology Changing the Sports Betting Industry in Maryland

Technology has also served as a boon to the sports industry. The ones with online sportsbooks would definitely like to wager on events or games happening currently than the ones which have already taken place. This is the live betting option that is quite popular these days. It enables the bettors to wager on live events without thinking much. You can raise questions while watching the event live and bet on its odds accordingly.

Live betting creates a visual notion of the current game and helps the bettor to wager on a game or an event anytime.

●     Speed and Accuracy in Betting Data

Incorporating technology into betting has revised many things. Speed plays a vital role when it comes to calculating betting data and accuracy is the virtue by which bettors tend to wager in the respective platform. The online sportsbooks have updated their tech knowledge to a great extent such that speed and accuracy have taken a definite shape.

When bettors get relevant and correct information they wager on your platform, you also benefit from it, it becomes a win-win situation for both parties. The sportsbooks use AI and other machine learning tools to pull out the relevant data from the ongoing matches and serve it to you.

●     Incorporating Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology and cryptos have almost revolutionized the betting industry by offering a low-cost, fast, efficient, and convenient means of depositing and withdrawing currencies from gambling accounts. Cryptocurrency is the new growing trend, so a majority of the sportsbooks offer bitcoins and other cryptos as an alternative to the traditional currency.

Traditional banks do not always allow online gambling, especially in places where it is not legal, cryptocurrencies help the bettors situated there to wager online without any inconvenience. Blockchain also permits apps to be made for faster offerings.

●     Future of Online Sports Betting

Digital marketing and digital technology have become highly pronounced in the domain of sports betting, bettors are now open to all the perks and benefits of the sportsbooks. With a convenient usage of mobile apps, bettors can now calculate and analyze betting statistics as well.

These tech-driven sportsbooks invest a huge sum of money to attract traffic through optimized strategies and SEO, consequently, they offer everything that the bettors want. Technology has left a positive impact on the complete gambling industry, and also in the state of Maryland. It will progress even further with greater elevations.


The sports betting industry has already emerged as a fast-growing industry in recent times, with the advent of various technological upgrades the industry has left no limits to reach a peak and maximize its benefits. Similarly, technology has brought many changes in the betting platforms in the state of Maryland.

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