How Long Do Printers Last?

How Long Do Printers Last

Recent predictions on printer sales point to an expected increase of 15% or more on home office printer sales during the pandemic. Many who did are asking “How long do printers last?”

Printers can get easily broken but can still be useful by selling it to ink cartridge buy back at

That equals about 30 million units out of an estimated 120 million households in the USA in 2019 bought new printers — nearly 25%!

If you’re wondering about your new printer lifespan or looking to buy one as WFH becomes the new normal, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out when to buy a new printer, to diagnose a broken home printer, and how long that printer will last. You can also check out CARTOUCHE DE TONER LASER HP202X for best price.

Signs Your Printer Is on Its Last Page

Vancouver printers are machines working at high speed and precision. Sooner or later, low tolerances and constant operation will wear away at those fine gears and pinions.

The answer is different for everyone, but the general answer is a very broad two to five years. The reason for this is workload, the type of printing you do, and the type of printer.

What are some signs it’s getting to the end?

  • It doesn’t keep up with your needs anymore
  • Slow printing speed
  • Print quality continues to diminish
  • Your consumables are getting too expensive
  • Non-standard printing sounds like grinding or clicking
  • Too many malfunctions and jams

It’s almost always a combination of these signs that prove it’s time to ditch your current printer for a new one.

Repairs and Maintenance

Normal maintenance can take ten minutes or less on most printers. Cleaning an ink cartridge or printheads on an inkjet or changing a drum on a laser/LED printer after 6,000 pages are tasks that almost anyone can do.

Even years after a company discontinues its printer model, the ink and toner are usually still available from third parties like Blue Dog Ink. This may make you feel your printer can keep limping along.

The biggest problem is when there are mechanical issues. Repairing printers and replacing broken parts is prohibitively expensive, and leaves you high and dry on printing until it’s fixed and returned.

Buying a New Printer

Knowing when to buy a new printer is a strategic move. If you suspect your printer is having problems, this could be the best time to do your research and buy one before it breaks completely.

When you’re buying a new printer or researching one, consider the ipm, ppm, and cpp. What are those?

  • Image per minute
  • Page per minute
  • Cost per page

No doubt, you’ll see that a laser or LED printer will win out on nearly every category — if you’re doing bulk printing.

Laser/LED printing is limited by the sharpness of the print and vibrancy of colors. For small batch printing and occasional use, inkjet technology tends to be a better buy. With a caveat that if you wait more than three weeks or so, you’ll waste a lot of ink cleaning printheads.

Laser/LED printing is made for high volume and inkjet is made for high quality (even photo) prints. Know your use case when purchasing a new printer.

How Long Do Printers Last: Not Long Enough

Two to five years isn’t nearly long enough. We do need to have a better home-printing technology that gives us the ability to repair our products fast and without great expense or technical knowledge. We also need consumables at a fair price.

Until that technology comes, it’s best to expect the reality we have.

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